The Mark of Excellence

Champagne – has the bubble burst? Mimi Avery of the British wine dynasty that is Averys wine merchants, reviews the current market favourites. Getting bubbles in the first place is an interesting story in itself. The method of producing a secondary fermentation in bottle was, often questionably, discovered by the English in the mid 1500s, when Charles Merret (who now has a Ridgeview English aparkling wine named after him, Merret) added sugar to create the second fermentation. The Methode Champenois for volume production was then perfected by the French: Dom Perignon, a monk, started at the monastery six years after Merret’s work and took forty years to complete the process….

Premier Alpine Centre

I would imagine that, having skied for a number of years now, I wouldn’t need any tuition. But I’d be very wrong. When we arrived in Nendaz, we had already called and arranged tutelage from Patrick at the Premier Alpine Centre. Patrick is a professional ski and télémark instructor with 15 years of experience. Undoubtedly highly qualified, it’s only when you see Patrick ski that his expertise becomes apparent. Having grown up living and breathing the Alpine mountains, Patrick certainly knew his way around. We met on the first day in Chamonix, a decent two-hour drive from Nendaz. With snow melting fast, it felt like I was continually throwing a…

Sikorsky S-92

A worthy note for the super-rich: if it flies, floats or fornicates, rent it. But let’s be honest, who wants to share? When you absolutely have to outshine everyone on arrival, accept no substitutes. The Sikorsky S-92 is the mother of all VVIP helicopters. Numerous heads of state, corporate giants and wealthy recluses have chosen the S-92 over its competitors for a number of reasons. In today’s travel environment, owners and operators require a VIP aircraft which is comfortable, safe and productive. The Sikorsky S-92 offers a standard nine-passenger interior within its spacious cabin and can incorporate custom features including a galley, wet bar, closets and lavatory. Active vibration suppressors…

Chez Cliché

I have stayed at many hotels and I can count on both hands the amount of times I have needed to call on the small army that are responsible for running the various establishments. Do I order room service? No, the smart traveller heads out to eat anything but the anaesthetised hotel food. Of course, the humble steak sandwich and the standard caesar salad are hard to bugger up. When you spend in excess of £350 on a hotel room for a night, you’re likely to only use the bedroom. Unless, of course, you’re on business, in which case, you’re likely to sit staring at a laptop. If, however, you’re looking…

Ferrari FF

“Snow at this time of year? You have to be joking. Hasn’t global warming severely dealt with Mother Nature on that front.” “No,” scorned the women from the MET office, as she put the phone down on me. This wasn’t something that I had considered: a foot of snow at our intended destination. This wasn’t the Alps, you see, so the English are hideously unprepared to deal with anything other than an onslaught of damp. We were driving the Ferrari FF though – so how would the Italians fair? At first glance the FF (four seat and four-wheel-drive) is unconventional. It might be the prancing horsed manufacturer’s most audacious looking vehicle to…

No. 11 Cadogan Gardens

When our editor in-chief wrote “Reviewing top end hotels is a pox of the profession” earlier this year, he was right. My perception of what an exceptional hotel is has changed dramatically over the past five years. I used to be pleased when the check-in desk ork knew my name. Now I expect a fanfare on entrance and an en-suite with sinks overflowing with Chanel, whilst a suitably tailored gentleman complements me emphatically about my Aspinal luggage. Life has changed in many ways. Life in Knightsbridge, however, hasn’t changed much since serfdom. In a quiet corner of South Kensington you will find No. 11 Cadogan Gardens, built in the 19th…

David Lloyd

Having seen Andy Murray take the Wimbledon title for England for the first time since we thought the Earth was flat, i fully expect the population of our fair isle to head for the nearest set of courts they can find. Thus reliving ‘past tennis glory’ and keeping chiropractors and physiotherapists in the lifestyle to which they are accustomed. There are easier ways though people, having spent the last two weeks frequenting my local David Lloyd health centre, i have come to embrace exercise the way prepubescent boys covet gentleman’s magazines. My relationship with exercise is somewhat mixed, i was always a rather thin child and couldn’t have weighed more than nine…

15th Anniversary Gumball Rally

I remember being 16 years old it was a suitably dull day in my home town so i decided to head into town and loiter as the rest of the youths did. The loitering led to boredom so some twenty minutes later i found myself in GAME purchasing a copy of Gumball3000 for the PS2. A fast paced game that involved driving a range of different vehicles across various countries whilst trying not to crash or get nicked by the eastern European rozzers. This year we were asked by the team at Twisted Land Rover if we should like to join them on the 15 year anniversary of the Gumball Rally travelling…

du Maurier Maxim Watch

Please don’t call me Mr de Winter, I’ve a very impressive array of first names; George Fortesque Maximillion, but you needn’t bother with them all at once, my family call me Maxim. If you’re familiar Daphne du Maurier’s story of Rebecca then the character of Max deWinter will doubtlessly be on your list of top ten rouges of all time. The dashing ‘hero’, who murders his ex-wife and still gets the girl. Imagine a handsome trilby-wearing rake with a family residence that would make the Queen blush and breeding to shame Kauto Star. The leading man in the book oozes all of the charm that you would expect from a 1930s landed millionaire—and you’ll be no doubt pleased to learn that you too can…


There are some watch brands out there that positively exude effortless cool — and Bremont is one that unquestionably falls into this category. In an industry dominated by watchmakers, typically from Switzerland, boasting over a century of watchmaking heritage, Bremont have certainly bucked this trend; it’s a British watchmaker that formed in 2007. For most, this would be a hindrance to finding an audience, but it hasn’t held Bremont back at all, and this is testament to the quality of the timepieces that it consistently produces. Fans of Bremont will already know, but for the uninitiated, Bremont is a watchmaker that is most famed for its aviation style timepieces —something…


A revolutionary new concept for tango arrives this summer with the sensational new act from Buenos Aires. VIOLENTANGO are a five-piece instrumental band from Argentina currently taking South America by storm with an exciting rock-influenced tango defining a revolutionary new chapter for contemporary tango music. A new album “Escape” will be presented on a forthcoming U.K Tour. This fifth independent album commands a definitive release from the constraints of conventional tango music, revealing an exciting outlet of expression and the liberation of an alternative form. This discovery of innovative arrangements proclaims the emergence of a new genre. Recorded at ION, the premier studio of Buenos Aires, Produced by Jorge “Portuguese” Da Silva. Since their last visit to the…

Eagle Jaguar

The E-Type was first presented to the world’s press at the Restaurant du Parc des Eaux Vives, in Geneva on 15 March 1961, a launch timed to coincide with the Geneva Motor Show of the same year. Such was the media excitement and clamour for demonstration runs up a nearby hill-climb that Jaguar founder Sir William Lyons instructed chief test driver Norman Dewis to drive through the night to bring another model to Switzerland. Dewis, who was one of the team drivers for the ‘55 Le Mans Team, took eleven hours to drive from Calais to Geneva. Averaging 68mph, across France. On non-motorway roads. In a factory-fresh car. Strewth! When…

The Dining Room

At last! It’s in vogue to be British! Hoorah (in the non marine sense) to all Henries, let’s all dress head-to-toe in Harris Tweed and celebrate massively, in an incredibly understated miniature fashion, don our best stiff upper lips and swap all Chihuahuas for sizeable hounds immediately. I was reluctantly persuaded to leave the pipe at home and do my very best to behave tonight.  Alright, perhaps I’m a little over excited – but I’m off to The Goring. Once upon a time, not too long ago, The Goring Hotel was born into the blue-blooded heart of Belgravia, a mere brogue’s throw from Buckingham Palace. Like all things regally British,…


Michael Caine. Actor. South Londoner. Legend. And sartorial hero of mine. By the time the second Summer of Love rolled around, I’d been a punk, a breakdancer, a psychobilly, a skater, a BMXer, and a hippy (one of my better looks, given my long curly locks at the time). But as my peers boarded to The Farm’s Groovy Train, I found myself wanting ride to T-Rex’s White Swan, delving deeper and deeper into the psychedelic 60s and, ironically, became more interested in the first Summer of Love! And so it was, along with my discovery of all things psychedelic and groovy, that I developed a penchant for the films of…




Sensational Saint Lucia

The mango-shaped island, only 27 miles long and 14 miles wide, was born from volcanic origin and is fringed with soft sandy beaches, golden in the north and dark silver in the southwest.

Where the Hot Springs Flow: Diving into The Well, Oslo

It is perhaps one of the great tragedies of my life that I don’t spend every weekend in a beautifully crafted replica of a Kyoto bathhouse, surrounded on all sides by thirty or more totally naked Norwegians, each glistening with perspiration and a curated array of essential oils. However, my trip to the spectacular Oslo wellness resort The Well ensured – within an hour of arrival, in fact – that my existence would no longer be completely lacking this experience.  If the beginning of this wellness resort review sounds like the stuff of teenage fantasy crossed with a Nordic fever dream, I could only apologise. Except, as you probably expect,…

Hit reset on your sleep with The Good Sleep Retreat

Recently, I was bestowed a great gift, and each evening my partner grows more covetous as its use becomes routine. I speak with friends, and they too desire to know how they might enhance their morning with such an advantage. What is this gift, you ask? Something that should be so simple, yet for many remains just out of reach.  A good night’s sleep. It hasn’t always been this way. The only routine aspect of my day-to-day across my many years as a makeup artist has been the lack of it, with early starts after late evenings, regularly waking before dawn and spending my days in controlled artificially-lit environments. And…

Cervinia, The Cheat Sheet

I won’t lie, I can’t. That part of any trip where I sit at my desk and relive each moment to digitally pen the experience, that really is not the best bit. Where is the snow? Where are the divine panoramas of iced mountains and frosted pines?  The morning light hits a little differently in the cityscape I see from my window at home as I embark upon my day. Alas, from my screen to yours, I imbue your daydreams with all the details you need to plan your next sojourn in the Italian Alps.   Where to stay Just a short 90 minutes through the rolling countryside outside of…

Puerto rico

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rio is borne out of an immensely long and diverse history. Its current social make-up and the basis for much of the social aspects of life, food, dance and art are influenced by the triumvirate of backgrounds that the population is largely made up of, those being the indigenous population.

Luxury Dining Table

The Short Stay Property Roundtable

To explore the prevailing wind of the latest travel destinations is one thing. To unpick the essence of luxury travel and hospitality, to unravel the nature of what a whole new generation of high-end holidaymakers are seeking, and to understand what is driving the shifting sands of travel trends is something else entirely. 


22-23 Season


Bentley Beyond, The Collection. For the journey.

An invitation to Bentley’s newest fragrance launch was a joy that ran deeper than expected. Driving a car you love is so much more than the ‘a’ to ‘b’. It’s the feel of the steering wheel moving from under your palm, the resistance of the accelerator beneath your sole or the slick movement of the gearbox. Sometimes it’s the thrill you get when the mechanic tells you that against all odds, your pernickety classic car flew through its MOT. It’s the bond you feel and the memories you create together over the miles. It’s the smell of crisp winter air streaming through the window as you drive through the open…

Where the Hot Springs Flow: Diving into The Well, Oslo

It is perhaps one of the great tragedies of my life that I don’t spend every weekend in a beautifully crafted replica of a Kyoto bathhouse, surrounded on all sides by thirty or more totally naked Norwegians, each glistening with perspiration and a curated array of essential oils. However, my trip to the spectacular Oslo wellness resort The Well ensured – within an hour of arrival, in fact – that my existence would no longer be completely lacking this experience.  If the beginning of this wellness resort review sounds like the stuff of teenage fantasy crossed with a Nordic fever dream, I could only apologise. Except, as you probably expect,…

A note to my Valentine

My love language is quality time. The moments shared whilst getting ready for a leisurely meal, enjoyed by candlelight and accompanied by a bottle of something very special to share across the evening… Yet, of course, something that comes gift-wrapped is never unwelcome.  For Her Lalique, Soleil Vibrant Conjuring memories of a summer’s afternoon, the heady breeze of Indian jasmine sambac absolute and juicy pear fruit are reminiscent of lazing in the shade of a faraway place, whilst vanilla bourbon and cedarwood give post-beach salinity with a sublime warming heart of saffron. It embodies the lustre of the most enveloping sunshine in even the coldest season. This Is Silk, Headband…




Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae - Roger Chan - The Review Magazine

Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae LP780-4

I slip my slightly clammy hand gingerly into the slot, ease some pressure and pull gently skyward. That scissor-door entry is nothing less than muted pornography. So effortless in its execution, it’s part of the recipe that makes the Aventador just that little bit more special.

Casio PX-S7000 Stephen Sims

Aesthetic Harmonics – The Casio PX-S7000

Quality, innovation and – by god, in this case – style. Casio’s reputation precedes it when it comes to its product development and, crucially, its product refinement. Their first electronic keyboard, The Casiotone CT-201, was birthed by Toshio Kashio and his team in January 1980.

Ferrari F8 Spider

Ferrari F8 Spider

Fresh from four days in Scotland driving the simply astonishing Ferrari F8 Spider, there are times in one’s life where you have to sit back, take some time, and genuinely let an experience wash over you. You need to take it in. Revel in it. The smells, the sights, the sheer visceral nature of it.

Alpina - Startimer Pilot Chronograph

Alpina – Startimer Pilot Chronograph

Like many Swiss watchmaking dynasties, Alpina can trace its founding back to the turn of the nineteenth century – 1883 to be precise – by Gottlieb Hauser, a watchmaker in Winterthur, who also established the Swiss Watchmakers Corporation (Union Horlogère Suisse).

Stacia Suttles

Stacia Suttles

It wasn’t until Stacia Suttles turned 19 and stepped into a boxing ring for the first time, that the amateur fighter realised she was exceptionally gifted in the combat sport.

Twisted 21

I scanned the horizon of the Finnish race circuit but Charlie was possibly doing a few laps in the 500hp V8 110. “Let me see if I can find him Tony”. “Cool man”. This was the first of a handful of semi awkward exchanges I would have with Tony Hawk that week as we crossed from Finland into Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Austria and Monaco.