The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride Out

We all know that the motorcycling community is a tight-knit group. Endless hours tinkering in the garage, ordering new parts online and chatting with our mates about the quirky little things we’re currently doing to show our passion for the freedom of riding a motorbike. It’s what bonds us all together.

Triumph Thruxton R

The trouble with it is, you have to keep stopping. For petrol, for instance. There is never enough in the tank. And in order to refill the tank, you have to find a petrol station, stop, take off your gloves, sunglasses, helmet and earplugs. Then open the beautiful quick release, pretend fuel cap – and the proper locking fuel cap underneath it – and squirt petrol into the tank. Then queue, pay, and go through the whole annoying process again in reverse. And all this when you could simply be riding it. It’s unbelievably frustrating.


She is a 1952 “C” Series Vincent Rapide. In her day, she was racy as hell and just about the fastest thing on two (or four) wheels.