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A few words from the editor…

This is traditionally the bit where I define the mag and give you an aloofly cool pitch about how, by reading it, you can lead a fundamentally better existence. I’ll save spiel (and your patience) because The Review speaks for itself: incisive journalism, stellar design and timeless photography, all connected by one thing: a love of classic and modern style.

We cater to a well-heeled and perceptive audience – those who are ambitious, worldly, travelled and tasteful. The Review isn’t just an obvious name. It puts the world in front of you, be it the newest sports car, the irresistible investment opportunity, or the latest luxury retreat.

Price only implies quality. Some of the best things in life are free. We bring everything to your device, so you can read us when you need us.

Remember a time of simplicity? When suits were synonymous with style, money had meaning, and our institutions had credibility? A time before ‘LOL’ and smiley faces became the new proto-language, and when technology and the media promised to democratise, not devolve us?

As do we. Enjoy.

Laith Al-Kaisy – Editor In Chief



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