Hiding out

Iain Beaumont is the founder and Managing Director of Venues and Ventures. Since ditching the City, Iain has worked on some on England’s grandest country estates and leading luxury venues, refining his eye for spotting new opportunities and helping businesses realise their potential.

Samujana – Koh Samui

After two nights spent crisscrossing the urban metropolis of Bangkok trying to catch up with old friends, I was rather glad to be arriving on the tropical island of Koh Samui.

The Palace Neighbour

Many property developers pride themselves on providing only the absolute superlative of services to their clientele. Imagine then, hearing a CEO nonchalantly mention that they actively try not to interact too much with their clients. Bemusing, right? However, take a step back to think why this may be the case and you’ll catch a glimpse of realisation as to why Northacre are the formidable powerhouse of the London property scene.


73 Brook Street is a new 22,000 sq ft commercial development in the heart of London’s Mayfair.

Andermatt Aerial


The first thing that struck me on the 90-minute journey from Zurich to Andermatt was the enduring beauty of Lake Lucerne. The temperature was twice that of England and so a quick dip in the mineral-rich lake would have been appreciated, had we not been eager to reach our alpine destination.

Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.

We’ve long been pitched the virtues and ROI available in the renter and traditional bricks-and-mortar spaces alike. Proptech is burgeoning with options for the eager property-savvy investor looking to take advantage of the latest house-hunter or seller app. But what about the higher-yield returns that alternative and larger scale land deals and builds bring. Can this quagmire of startups and credentialed operators be policed and helpfully networked in a way that makes the returns lucrative enough for the historically risk adverse? Alex Harrington-Griffin believes so. Alex secured his first commercial win in the tech space in 2011, a b2b group buying platform, which he ‘flipped’ within 12 months, selling out…