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The Siretti List

Valuing experience over things has been a mantra for aficionados of travel for decades. Since the pandemic, that mantra has followed through into the luxury market with affluent travellers seeking, more so than ever before, the lasting opulence of immersive experiences coupled with the utmost in outstanding accommodation.

Ultra-luxury travel isn’t about being seen, being ostentatious or seeking out the latest Insta-friendly hotspot. If anything, it’s exactly the opposite. Elite travellers seek accommodation that delivers on privacy and anonymity: whether with 24/7 guest service, high-end amenities and facilities, or arrival and departure procedures and protocol, discretion is valued beyond almost all other factors. All, that is, except for the accommodation’s need to be located in the world’s most beautiful and exclusive destinations.


It’s rare to find such homes on Airbnb or VRBO. These properties – those in the sights of UHNW individuals and all who orbit their sphere – are strictly off-market, found only in the little black book of the world’s leading bespoke travel designers and concierge companies; clipped, efficient firms whose goal it is to make even the wildest travel dreams come true.

Homes that orbit the top and ultra-luxury rentals market have to be faultless, flawless and in the most pristine locations to get on the books of the world’s foremost travel curators. As such, it’s remarkable that –  at least, until now – there has been no professional measurement or recognition at this loftiest of levels.

The World’s first recognition system for luxury villa and chalet rentals

Meet the Sirreti List, the world’s first recognition system for luxury villa and chalet rentals. A company which set out in 2021 to change the landscape of ultra-luxury hospitality and has done so with the kind of panache, foresight and vision befitting of its clientele.

The project is a long-standing ambition for two highly regarded veterans within the luxury hospitality sector, who put their heads together, combined the contents of their own black books and assembled a panel of industry leaders. The result? A team that is now leveraging their knowledge to recognise ‘Nothing less than the best’ in prestige accommodation, for clients who have excellence set as their minimum standard.

Alpine Sirreti

From a luxury rental agency to Sirreti

Among the esteemed panel of advisory board members behind Sirreti is Wolf Wörster. A luxury expert who has spent two decades working in the hospitality market, Wörster previously owned Volta Villas, a boutique ultra-luxury rental agency with a focus on the global UHNW market.

Over the years, the company featured in Forbes, Robb Report, The Sunday Times and the Vancouver Sun. RTL German Television produced and aired a documentary segment on Wolf’s properties and business, further elevating its status and attracting the attention of the world’s UHNW individuals seeking the perfect getaway.

His portfolio curated only the crème de la crème of global private rental homes; managing 50 million dollar plus homes for owners and with a black book client list which included politicians, business leaders and A-list celebrities. The weekly rental in his portfolio averaged at $92,000+ USD.

Wolf sold Volta Villas in 2021 but remains heavily engaged in the vacation rental sector. An active committee member for the Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA); Wolf also contracts for TurnoverBnB, a global company with over 25,000 host clients. Over the years, he has consulted at global events on private accommodations for heads of state – including G7 Summits and the 2010 and 2012 Olympics – an impressive roster which has allowed him to gain the confidence of a truly exclusive social sector, and position Sirreti at the pinnacle of its industry.

The Sirreti List

“Our desire was to create a space where hosts of luxury villas and chalets can validate the quality of their accommodation and become recognised for their excellence.” Within such statements, The Sirreti List’s raison d’être is revealed. Think the Michelin Guide for the top luxury and ultra-luxury categories, rating and awarding the elite within the private luxury accommodation sector.

It is the world’s first independent reviewing system of luxury villa and chalet rentals with three categories:

Black – Leader in its Market

Silver – Top Property

Gold – Among the World’s Best

Properties receive acknowledgement for the quality of accommodation based on the following criteria:

Location (privacy, views, safety & security)

Amenities (pool, gym, theatre, wine tasting room, technology)

Space (interior design, layout, gathering areas)

Comfort (furnishings, bathrooms, bedding)

Service (concierge, housekeeping, chef)

Value for Money

Standards are kept sky-high with a fleet of highly meticulous inspectors, a team of independent, senior industry professionals whose inspections are then cross-checked by the Sirreti jury. The result? A rigorous system to ensure the very zenith of luxury through and through.

Siretti Lake Como

The Sirreti Community

The Sirreti Community is an exclusive membership-only body where the best and brightest minds in the industry can come together to network, converse, and collaborate in the luxury market.

From property owners and managers, to villa and travel agents and concierge companies; the common goal of the Sirreti community is to drive forward the private luxury accommodation sector.

Members will also be able to accelerate their knowledge with ongoing training and certification as they develop their careers as luxury travel professionals, property managers of high-end properties, luxury homeowners and villa & chalet booking agencies.

What’s more, members will gain access to those rare and special homes that make the Sirreti List.

Why now?

“Since the pandemic, UHNW travellers are prepared to spend higher than ever to experience their dream vacation.

These clients are currently spending in excess of  $50K per week on private accommodation and the market has grown 9.3% in the last year alone and will continue to grow.”

Across the board, mainstream luxury travel operators agree that the market stayed resilient through the pandemic and is now experiencing an exceptional moment of growth.

British hospitality company, One Fine Stay is looking to grow its ultra-luxury portfolio in the Caribbean and Hunter Chalets, operators in the French Alps, continue to acquire chalets of the highest calibre to meet the demands of their clients.

Los Angeles-based travel professional, Terry Bahri who specialises in the UHNW, is experiencing an increase in ultra-luxury client bookings and confirms that in principle her clients prefer private accommodations (villas) for both their security and privacy.

As luxury travel becomes ever more bespoke, the need for an exclusive global list where the ultimate in villa stays are recognised, awarded and introduced to the ultra-luxury travel community becomes fundamental.”

Welcome to Sirreti.

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