Get A Drip – your pit stop to wellness?

We all know what it feels like when life starts to speed by. The days rapidly turn into weeks, meetings follow meetings, working late leads to rushed dinners out and a few too many drinks, then it’s hazy starts and your third coffee of the morning at nine am… and the cycle starts again. Before you know it, you’re going faster than you think and your stomach hasn’t caught up with the lurch of acceleration. To extend this metaphor further, it’s a miracle the car is still going straight, and you missed the sign to turn off at the next exit. Regardless of whether you manage to slow down enough for the smell of burning clutch to catch up with you, you know it’s time to ease off a bit. You’ve not been looking after yourself as well as you could for the last few months, and the haste is now somewhat jarring rather than thrilling. 

*In case you didn’t notice, this is the true story of a working makeup artist in the summer season*

So, how do you catch up when it comes to refuelling after the metaphorical drag race? Not only do I want answers, but I want a cheat code to tune this engine. Thankfully, I think I might have found one. Not that anything medical should really be referred to in such a way, but strap in, and let me tell you why this is a pivotal moment in the course.


The name you need to watch out for is Get A Drip. After a spell in intensive care after complications from type 1 diabetes, their founder, Richard Chambers, attributed intravenous therapy treatments as one of the most influential aspects of his recovery. Noting at the time that drips and intramuscular shots for supplements were something only accessible by celebs (or the super-wealthy and super-hungover in Las Vegas), he set up Get A Drip at the end of 2017, which is now the UK’s leading Vitamin Drip provider.


In basic terms, intravenous fluids, or IV, are administered to restore hydration, electrolytes and supplementary nutrients – all common enough in a medical setting if you aren’t able to eat or drink as usual. A booster shot focuses on one target nutrient and is given as an injection to the arm, bringing about various beneficial results. Simply put, Get A Drip takes something historically specialised and moves it right into the public sphere, kind of like open access day at the Nordschleife.


As a play-by-play on the sector, we already know that supplements are widely available, but so too are more prescriptive, targeted services within wellness. In fact, nutrition was one of the only areas that maintained positive expansion in the wellness industry over the pandemic, which despite an overall $0.5 trillion fall in 2020 to $4.4tn, looks to reach nearly $7tn globally by 2025.

It might seem futuristic, but look at it from this perspective: research shows that harvest crops have had a marked reduction of bioavailable vitamins and minerals over the last 50-odd years, to as much as 38%, most likely due to the preference for commercially-viable high-yield crops which aren’t necessarily the highest in nutritional content. That perfectly-rounded ruby-red oversized strawberry might not be as good for you as the weird knobbly slightly-green and smaller-sized one you reach for last in the punnet.

However, this all still relies on the sufficient uptake of these elements from a dietary aspect – the tuning of the engine, so to speak. Here, a drip or injection bypasses this gastric absorption conundrum, so easily disrupted by daily medication such as gastric acid inhibitors or overall poor gut health

Further to this (as if you needed more doom and gloom on the topic), the UK-recommended daily intake values are actually only based upon the prevention of nutrient-related diseases, not, in fact, to promote thriving wellness. And yet, overall, more than 1 in 10 young adults in the UK still tested as having on average four micronutrients below the Lower Reference Nutrient Intake (the absolute minimum for maintaining healthy levels), such as vitamin A, magnesium, and iron.


During my visit, having checked over my pre-filled medical questionnaire, my dedicated nurse invited me into the treatment suite to take a seat and relax. It’s a semi-private yet light and airy space, with personal booths occupied by big enveloping chairs. After a blood pressure check, I choose my preferred side and we get going with the drip, with a quick and painless application to the crook of my arm (even if I did wuss out and look away).

It might make you a little cold as the chilled drip uptakes, which lasts around 40 minutes to an hour, but there are blankets on hand to keep you warm. The most fascinating part was that I could actually taste it (which according to my nurse, not everyone can), like sucking on pennies with an orange kick; a lingering metallic citrus tang reminiscent of multivitamins. 

After sending over details of health concerns prior to my booking (mainly overwork and exhaustion, aside from a couple of underlying health concerns) I was linked with Ravdeep Chaggar, Get A Drip’s Superintendent Pharmacist. I was recommended the Energy Drip with a Glutathione Add On and a Vitamin D Booster Shot for good measure (important for all areas of general wellness, yet 50% of the UK population remain deficient).

With a combination of B Vitamins, Amino Acids, Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium, the Energy Drip works to reduce overall tiredness and fatigue, balance my energy levels and improve my sleep. B12 is important here, as one of 9 micronutrients that women in the UK are particularly susceptible to lower levels of from diet alone, contributing to maintaining energy levels, normal nerve and immune system activity and cell division (think: ageing and regeneration).

Overall, the energy drip helps to regulate a plethora of functions across our metabolic pathways. Combined with the Glutathione Add On, which assists the immune system and the body’s natural repair processes, it’s a powerful all-round supercharge to the system. No wonder why it’s their most popular treatment.

On booking, and prior to any treatment, a medical health questionnaire where any health issues or medication flagged will be referred by the nurse to the on-team doctors to be run past for contraindications, always keeping safety as the utmost concern.

During the bespoke aspect of your service, you will be given recommendations on any general concerns or aims you might have (such as better sleep or improved skin health) from your consultation. Clients can pop in at any time for a free chat, phone a clinic or email to get more information on what might suit them best, but walk-in appointments are available too.


After treatment, which they suggest around once a month, you should feel the benefit straight away. Personally, I jetted straight off on holiday two days later, and maybe it was the time off and the sunshine, but I hadn’t felt as revved up in as long as I could remember. It’s the difference between waking and feeling like roadkill until the second cup of coffee kicks in, versus waking up after a sound sleep with a full tank and ready to get on with the day. Call me a convert: I can’t wait to get back in.


With treatment centres all over London, plus in Ireland and Rotterdam, there are plenty of places to pop in – a quick trip on your lunch break for a health-related pit stop. You can even arrange a home or office callout, too.

Wellness represented over 5% of the global economic output in 2020 and it’s a figure that’s growing fast. Before long, you will be able to catch Get A Drip in the UK outside of London as well, so stay tuned to see if that’s a city near you… because from me to you, it’s time to box.

Naomi Lake

Lake is a Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, Model and Creative Director. As the Beauty & Wellness Editor, she comes to the table with over a decade of knowledge in the industry. When she's not on set or writing, she's in a yoga class, checking out a new restaurant or exploring the menu of a cocktail bar, in the pursuit of the perfect Negroni.

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