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Braun LE03

Braun Audio LE03

In terms of audio, the LE03 has a 9cm aluminium cone and a more than capable 13cm x 8cm passive radiator to pad out its sound. For most medium-sized spaces, this is more than enough.

Our Ring

Harpreet Singh Rai – The Oura

My first piece of wearable tech came in the form of a Casio CMD 40 wristwatch. I adored that ergonomically-challenged timepiece with every neuron I had pulsating through my nine-year-old brain. So much so that, when I lost it after a mere six months, I pestered my mother to buy me another one until she relented.

Mela Comfort - Weighted Blanket, with Vegan Silk Sheet Set

The Science of Stress

Let’s be honest. If I have to read, write or smile through another terse sentiment on how the last year has been, I might just throw my laptop out of the window. So let’s just jump straight into it. How are you sleeping? 

Rose Adkins Hulse

The Future of Television Has Arrived

The streaming wars are heating up and the television landscape is experiencing one of the most disruptive periods in its history. We watch with excitement the launch of new streaming platforms, such as Peacock, Disney+, Starz Play and HBO Max.

Manfrotto XPRO4

Cast your mind back to the late1960s. Lino Manfrotto was a photo reporter for Il Gazzettino and Il Giornale di Vicenza in Bassano del Grappa. Like many fabricators, inventors and innovators before him, he struggled with the industry standard of equipment he was using during his advertising shoots. With the help of a collaborator, Lino Manfrotto, he made his first products, including a light and sturdy lamp stand, that was finally high enough. For a couple of years he produced just a few pieces to meet the needs of his photographer friends. Later he decided to present them on an international level, obtaining his first significant order from a Swiss…

Beoplay PLAY E8

There are some benchmarks in consumer AV. Bang & Olufsen has been setting the standard for as long as we can remember. When a certain fruit based tech firm decided to do away with the humble headphone jack, we all knew there would be an uptake in Bluetooth headphones across the board.  The B&O Play E8’s are pretty much the crème de la crème of the market. With intuitive touch control, a case that doubles as a charging station and four hours of play time from one charge,  we’ve found our best and brightest. Of course, the sound produced is of the B&O standard we’ve all come to adore but…