The Penthouse by 3SA Estate. Limitless Luxury in Super Chic Marbella

I am revisiting Marbella after decades to take a fresh look, as I’ve heard more than a few murmurings that this locale is experiencing a new era of redefined luxury. Indeed, Marbella is said to be undergoing a renaissance created by attracting an entirely new highly sophisticated and professional global jet-set, one that is thriving on a new limitless lifestyle whilst honouring its pedigree and provenance.

The Siretti List

The Sirreti List

Homes that orbit the top and ultra-luxury rentals market have to be faultless, flawless and in the most pristine locations to get on the books of the world’s foremost travel curators. As such, it’s remarkable that –  at least, until now – there has been no professional measurement or recognition at this loftiest of levels.

Alex Christian - Savills

Resilience and Positivity: An Expert View of Post-Covid Real Estate

The main issue of the pandemic – and why it stands apart from other market challenges – has been one of logistics. It’s not that foreign investors don’t want to buy in London, it’s that they simply cannot get here to do so. We’ve seen incredible demand building up since the election in 2019, yet people haven’t been able to come to these shores for almost a year to close their deals.

Hiding out

Iain Beaumont is the founder and Managing Director of Venues and Ventures. Since ditching the City, Iain has worked on some on England’s grandest country estates and leading luxury venues, refining his eye for spotting new opportunities and helping businesses realise their potential.

The Palace Neighbour

Many property developers pride themselves on providing only the absolute superlative of services to their clientele. Imagine then, hearing a CEO nonchalantly mention that they actively try not to interact too much with their clients. Bemusing, right? However, take a step back to think why this may be the case and you’ll catch a glimpse of realisation as to why Northacre are the formidable powerhouse of the London property scene.

Andermatt Aerial


The first thing that struck me on the 90-minute journey from Zurich to Andermatt was the enduring beauty of Lake Lucerne. The temperature was twice that of England and so a quick dip in the mineral-rich lake would have been appreciated, had we not been eager to reach our alpine destination.

Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.

We’ve long been pitched the virtues and ROI available in the renter and traditional bricks-and-mortar spaces alike. Proptech is burgeoning with options for the eager property-savvy investor looking to take advantage of the latest house-hunter or seller app. But what about the higher-yield returns that alternative and larger scale land deals and builds bring. Can this quagmire of startups and credentialed operators be policed and helpfully networked in a way that makes the returns lucrative enough for the historically risk adverse? Alex Harrington-Griffin believes so. Alex secured his first commercial win in the tech space in 2011, a b2b group buying platform, which he ‘flipped’ within 12 months, selling out…

Shoot for the moon

It is an understatement to say that William Anderson is excited about the future of Half Moon Bay, Antigua. With experience in directing luxury resorts in thirty countries, a career in the luxury hospitality business spanning another thirty years, as well as overseeing over $450 million in real estate sales, one would do well to take note: “Half Moon Bay is incomparable.”  Incomparable and exclusive. The planned resort alone aims to set a new standard for ultra-luxury. For the lucky few, there is the option to redefine and recharge your lifestyle: ten unrivalled estates of land are available for purchase. Anderson’s project will see the building of a new Rosewood Resort,…

Sensational Soneva – The Maldives

To date, the magic of The Maldives has eluded me regardless of the regular encounters I have with euphoric ambassadors who are willing to preach its virtues the world over. As someone who likes to think they have a strong eco warrior side, I have perhaps a rather misguided ideal that if I avoid these precious islands, I will protect them from the ravages of tourism. The very essence of The Maldives, their purity, rarity and fragility is what has kept me away. In hindsight I have acted as a latter-day conscientious travel objector, I have withstood the pressure to visit in my rather grandiose desire to single-handily protect these…

London Primed

As the UK heads towards Brexit and residential tax changes continue to reverberate through the property market, there has never been a more pertinent time to seek expert property investment advice. Sophisticated investor or not, market knowledge and sound financial analysis from a seasoned industry player is always the key to success. Naomi Heaton, CEO of London Central Portfolio, set up one of the first buying agencies in the UK in 1990. Offering a one stop asset management service, it specialises in maximising investors’ returns in central London’s most prestigious boroughs, The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and The City of Westminster. As the name suggests, a buying agent looks…

Naomi Heaton

Empires are won an lost in the blink of an eye when it comes to the property market in my experience. So what does it take to establish yourself as a magnate in the field. We talk to Naomi Heaton, CEO and founder of London Central Portfolio (LCP) at her London home to try and understand what it took to build such a formidable reputation.  When did you purchase your first property, how did you raise the capital and where was it? I bought my first flat when I was about 26, I very much wanted to get on the property ladder. I literally beg, stole and borrowed in order to get enough…

Pondering property on the French Riviera? This is the year to make it happen

A timely convergence of economic and political factors could make overseas property the prime investment choice for 2015, explains Daniel Webber, co-founder and MD at FXcompared, the international money transfer business that specialises in overseas property. Bricks and mortar has long been an attractive purchase – whether it’s a personal home or a long-term investment. Now is an opportune time to think beyond the UK and snap up real estate further afield, according to findings from our recent survey. We asked UK-based property investors what’s driving their decisions to buy abroad – and top of the list was a strong British Pound. It was the biggest factor in overseas purchases…

The Loftfactory, Paris

Paris is becoming somewhat of a yearly ritual – a place that, from London, is easier to get to than Cornwall or Scotland. A mere hour on the plane, or a couple more by train; time that can be happily whiled away with a few glasses of champagne. For the first time, however, we thought about staying at an apartment between the hotels. Whilst looking at options, I was told there’s only one apartment worth staying in when visiting Paris. You’ll find The Loftfactory on Rue Greneta, a neighbourhood that’s quite the bohemian centre. Think Soho meets Camden, only prettier. You enter through an immodestly large door – what was…

Wolf Worster Associates

Having worked in the luxury and finance industry for some years now, I’ve worked with a number of property companies. A lot hit the mark and offer you and your companions access to properties in the far-flung reaches of the world. Many, however, are middlemen offering luxury villa bookings as a go-between. The reality is that only a few stars shine brightly. Finding a company that is right for you takes time and will no doubt become your lifelong travel consultant. In our quest to bring you the best of the best, The Review sits down with what we consider to be one of the best luxury property provider and…

The Baymen

The Baymen is a new luxury jungle retreat being built in the Cayo district of the Belizean rainforest. Ever wished that you could get away from the drudgery of everyday life, whilst relaxing in the wilds and not having to worry about your money? Well, funny you should say that. Pack your machete and Louboutins, folks, were going to the jungle. The development is a combination of all-out luxury, with a romantic, old-age pioneering feel. This is carried throughout, with the individual wooden lodges being named after the glorious explorers of old, such as Shackleton and Livingston. The romance of four-poster beds shrouded in mosquito nets, along with open verandas…

Villa Sandryon

The resort town, or commune, of Antibes is probably best known as one of high society’s original summer retreats. The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Picasso, Marlene Dietrich, and Scott Fitzgerald were all enamoured by the Jewel of the Cote d’Azur, located half way between Nice and Cannes. In the 1930s, the Antibes region and, more specifically, Juan-Les-Pins was regarded as a bolthole for the international jet-set, casinos, nightclubs and white beaches stretching out as far as your monocle could see. Some 80 years later, and whilst the former lodgings of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Chateau la Croe, has like many regency buildings, fallen to the Oligarch, Juan-Les-Pans…

Property Crowdfunding

People coming together to invest in property is nothing new. Join forces, share the risk, share the returns. That is how it has always worked. But now a new real estate investment model has emerged, prompted by changes in legislation which mean that, for the first time, funds could be raised online from sophisticated investors and retail clients alike. Crowdfunding – financing a venture by raising investment from a large number of people via the internet – has already been used to help launch an array of innovative products and services. Sites like Indiegogo and RocketHub have caught the imagination of millions of web users and given creative ventures a…