The Baymen

The Baymen is a new luxury jungle retreat being built in the Cayo district of the Belizean rainforest.

Ever wished that you could get away from the drudgery of everyday life, whilst relaxing in the wilds and not having to worry about your money? Well, funny you should say that. Pack your machete and Louboutins, folks, were going to the jungle.

The development is a combination of all-out luxury, with a romantic, old-age pioneering feel. This is carried throughout, with the individual wooden lodges being named after the glorious explorers of old, such as Shackleton and Livingston. The romance of four-poster beds shrouded in mosquito nets, along with open verandas and audible wildlife are complemented by modern touches, such as infinity pools and hot-tubs.

However, building in such a delicate eco-system means that every care must be taken to minimise the impact on the area. Jan Meerman is the environmental consultant and has worked with the Tropical Conservation Foundation on numerous projects.

He explains: “Ecology has to play a strong part in the build as it allows the guest to get closer to nature whilst knowing that every possible care has been taken to ensure that the development works with the surrounding eco-system and not against it.”

In this truly-magical setting, there is also no concern for your invested: with 70% occupancy, a projected net return of over $55,000 per annum is on the cards for a two-bed hotel residence. On top of this, the owner will have 30 days’ worth of exclusive usage, not only of the Baymen, but its hugely successful sister, the Belize Ocean Club.

Due for completion in November 2015, there are three sizes and three price points. The first is ‘Luxury’, the second is ‘Deluxe’, and the third consists of two bedrooms. These range from $230,000 to $460,000 for time share sale and hotel rental. The fact that this development is backed by Noble House Hotels highlights that big companies can feel the Central American property market growing, and the Baymen is shaping up to be an investment to watch as the market continues to expand.

Maybe just pack the Louboutins and leave the machete at home.

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