The Kitchen Refresh

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Whether you’re selling your next investment property, have an interest in a commercial space or looking to renovate a  home in your personal portfolio, there are some interior essentials to consider when renovating.  The kitchen has remained the central hub of many a home whether it’s used purely by staff, for entertaining or for your own culinary endeavours. Not only is a well-designed and functional kitchen a strong selling point, it’s the heart of any property and still the most likely place to find people congregating.

Whether you’re about to engage your go-to interior designer or you’re remotely planning the perfect kitchen upgrade, here are our top three recommendations to ensure you retain a return.

The Kitchen Island

The kitchen island has been a useful feature since the early 19th century when European households had a large table near the fireplace or oven for their staff to cook food. The majority of families hardly ever went to the kitchen, so the island was only used by the workers. Whether you are considering an island for your own culinary endeavors or for your kitchen team, the kitchen island creates a defined area in an open concept space. They add additional space for storage, hosting or cooking and prep.

The humble Kitchen island can serve different purposes for the modern family be it storage, seating, or cooking. However, it requires some careful planning before installation. There should be at least 42 to 45 inches of space to walk around the island, not to mention the all-important overhang. When your contractor measures the space, remember to include the countertop overhang. If you have stools surrounding the island, you need to leave even more room. (At least 48 inches).

Add a fresh coat of paint to your cabinets

Modernising the cabinetry is every designer’s favourite method for refreshing a kitchen with minimal investment. In addition to a decent repaint and refurbishment of your cabinets, regardless of material, consider replacing the knobs or handles. A well-chosen and designed set of fixtures and fittings is important when redesigning your kitchen.

Alternatively, completely replacing cabinets might be the preferred option which means you’re likely looking at a full refurbishment.. Ensuring your property has additional well-designed and easily accessible storage options is always a plus point for any buyer.

Property agents will often cite that prospective buyers appreciate it when the cabinetry matches the property’s plumbing fixtures. If each cabinet door is fitted with a sleek black matte handle, then pairing those with a tap in the same finish will work wonders for your home’s visual appeal and potential value. Taps are no longer a “one size fits all” and can seamlessly match your kitchen’s current or planned design scheme. See the designs on GROHE for more design ideas.

Exchange old appliances

One of the main causes for serious kitchen renovations is the presence of dated, dysfunctional kitchen equipment. No one wants to cope with outdated white goods, such as ovens, dishwashers, stovetops, and refrigerators when buying a new home.

If you’re putting your property on the market, any top tier appliances left can form part of a fully furnished deal and is a major feature for buyers. Be that a wine fridge, WIFI enabled washing machine or a dishwasher.

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