Kitchen Cool

The products that’ll make your kitchen exude class and cool.

Tefal Jamie Oliver Professional Series, £53-£62

Tefal saute pan

These pans prove that you don’t need to spend the earth to get quality. Apart from the weighty aesthetic, the heat distribution of this cookware is excellent, with even cooking and consistent results. These pans also have exceptional wear resistance – but only if you treat them lovingly (always hand wash and dry). The pans are supremely comfortable, despite being a little heavy; their sturdiness is reassuring and never become too hot to hold. We were even shocked to prefer this Tefal model over a number of higher-end brands.


Magimix Pro 350 deep fryer, £99

The Magimix Pro 350 is the first deep fryer we’ve reviewed –and what a pleasure. Very simple to use, with 2 dials – one for temperature, the other for time. All you need to do is set the fryer to the right temperature, and once the light goes out, it’s ready to use. Et voila. According to Magimix, the oil lasts longer, due to the cool zone area underneath the elements. In a nutshell, the oil here remains cooler, meaning any wayward food that may escape the basket won’t burn, or taint the oil, or cause a nasty smell. The fryer holds 3 litres of oil, which is enough to cook 1kg of fries. But let’s face it, you’re more likely to be impressing guests with tempura squid and mozzarella carrozza with this gadget.


Sage Smart Toast 4 Slice, £169

Too much to spend on a toaster? Not a chance. This sleekly-designed number will integrate seamlessly in your kitchen, it’s stylish, stainless steel design will fit with pretty much anything. Under the Heston Blumenthal range, it’s complete with a bunch of wacky functions you’d expect from the UK’s foremost molecular chef. For instance, should your toast come up a little lighter than expected, ‘A Bit More’ pops it back down for the finishing touches. And ‘A Quick Look’ let’s you see how far you’re getting on without having to poke around and singe your eyebrows. But by far the simplest pleasure is the removal crumb tray, ensuing your gadget stays clean and sexy.


Sage Smart Kettle, £99

sage kettle

He’s at it again. Heston Blumenthal works with Sage to present the Smart Kettle, which drips elegance, with high-quality design and innovation. Did you know that, to extract the most delicate flavours, teas need to be steeped at different temperatures? The Smart Kettle lets you choose your temperature, depending on your chosen tea, guaranteeing the perfect brew. Five pre-programmed temperature buttons are ready to cater to all kinds of tea and coffee. There’s even a button that will keep your water at the right temperature for 20 minutes after heating. This 1.7L cord-free jug also features a push button, soft opening lid, a quiet boil element, and a scale filter.
Go on – get excited about your kettle for once.

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