Take us to the Discothéque

A little dress, legs out, heels on. Should I take a jacket? It’s early summer so I might need it. I will probably only want to toss it aside when I get there… I’ll grab an Uber rather than the Tube… It’s not pre-planning for a night out, but it could be. I am actually off to breakfast with Hanover and Jessie, from Discothéque. The newest, and in my humble (if not industry-specific) opinion, most exciting home fragrance launch I have attended in a long while. Now, it’s not a unique notion to use scent to take us away to another place or time, but Discothéque wants to whisk us…

Calm Aperture

At a time where the home has taken on extra special meaning, ensuring the spaces around us are calm and uplifting to positively affect our wellbeing is becoming an essential part of how we design spaces too.

Luminous Living

The light within us is a universal language we all have access to. We are drawn to the light because it is just that – weightless, illuminating, radiant. Being immersed in our own light and surrounded by it creates a freedom we all want in life. So, I’ve picked some of my favourite lighting fixtures currently available to inspire your interior dreams and home makeovers.

Villa Coppenhagen


Villa Copenhagen is an architectural landmark located adjacent to the famed Tivoli Gardens and Copenhagen’s train station. The existing building is designed in Neo-Baroque style which displays important aspects of the Baroque architectural traditions.

Kitchen Cool

The products that’ll make your kitchen exude class and cool. Tefal Jamie Oliver Professional Series, £53-£62 These pans prove that you don’t need to spend the earth to get quality. Apart from the weighty aesthetic, the heat distribution of this cookware is excellent, with even cooking and consistent results. These pans also have exceptional wear resistance – but only if you treat them lovingly (always hand wash and dry). The pans are supremely comfortable, despite being a little heavy; their sturdiness is reassuring and never become too hot to hold. We were even shocked to prefer this Tefal model over a number of higher-end brands.   Magimix Pro 350 deep…

Leather Bound

There are constants in life. Some of which are present to such an extent that they become overlooked – taken for granted if you like – and therefore, their importance dismissed. The presence of leather in luxury goods is an example of this. Leather is deeply rooted in the luxury market, and rightly so. Although, historically, leather production has become industrialised and readily available to the working man, there’s a world of difference between a finely-tanned hide crafted from Hereford beef stock and those being mass-produced for the commercial market coming out of the Far East and India. Chalk and cheese. I spent a couple of days in September wandering…

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Charles Rennie Mackintosh, 1868 -1928, by James Clarke Charles Rennie Mackintosh has always intrigued me. Odd, given that while I appreciate the nuances of the Nouveau movement, I’ve never really been swayed by it – preferring instead, the boldness and opulence of Art Deco. Perhaps it’s Mackintosh’s defiance in the face of adversity that I admire? The son of a Glaswegian police superintendant, and one of a brood of eleven, he was fortunate to have the opportunity to nourish his creativity and pursue his passion in design and architecture during the late 1800s. Following his apprenticeship as an architectural draftsman at John Honeyman’s practice in Glasgow, he went on to…