Emily Smith

Emily Smith

Cleverly remodelled interiors in aesthetic buildings have always inspired Emily. That’s why after studying Interior Architecture, she pursued her London career with several high profile design studios. Today she deploys her decade of experience within the interior design market consulting on a range of transformational projects. She is passionate about design that not only has strong visual appeal but also a direct and positive impact on wellbeing. Emily will be guiding us through the world of interior architecture and design from her unique perspective this season.

Calm Aperture

At a time where the home has taken on extra special meaning, ensuring the spaces around us are calm and uplifting to positively affect our wellbeing is becoming an essential part of how we design spaces too.

Luminous Living

The light within us is a universal language we all have access to. We are drawn to the light because it is just that – weightless, illuminating, radiant. Being immersed in our own light and surrounded by it creates a freedom we all want in life. So, I’ve picked some of my favourite lighting fixtures currently available to inspire your interior dreams and home makeovers.

Villa Coppenhagen


Villa Copenhagen is an architectural landmark located adjacent to the famed Tivoli Gardens and Copenhagen’s train station. The existing building is designed in Neo-Baroque style which displays important aspects of the Baroque architectural traditions.