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The light within us is a universal language we all have access to. We are drawn to the light because it is just that – weightless, illuminating, radiant. Being immersed in our own light and surrounded by it creates a freedom we all want in life. So, I’ve picked some of my favourite lighting fixtures currently available to inspire your interior dreams and home makeovers.

Light impacts our emotional, mental and physical wellbeing and can create an interior atmosphere that magically uplifts its space. Style and placement are key to achieving effective layers and intimacy where required, as well as defining areas. Light up your home by adding warmth, interest and fun with one of these playful and striking sculptural penda.nt chandeliers

Disc Chandelier by Tom Kirk Lighting

Simplicity talks; subtlety walks. Feel immersed in a waterfall of borosilicate glass – the same material used for scientific instruments and bottles. Made by hand, the Disc Chandelier is hard not to fall in love with. This is an intriguing statement piece that is elusive and graceful but holds attention within the space. A seamless solution for over your circular marble dining table. If you are looking for something smaller, this is also available as a mini pendant.



  • From £2,200
  • Dimensions: 420 mm H x 500 mm radius 
  • Weight: 16kg
  • Drop: customisable, bespoke 
  • Metal stem and plate available in different finishes: polished chrome, polished nickel, brushed nickel, powder coated.


Spear Chandelier by VeniceM 

Strike a pose with this wonderfully diverse pendant designed by VeniceM. The Spear Chandelier is a contemporary sculpture paying homage to traditional Venetian craftsmanship available in a range of finishes and exclusively handmade from murano glass. A strong architectural structured piece to add linear rigid lines. You can be sure to rely on meticulous detail and fine quality from this animated light feature.

Spear Chandelier by VeniceM

  • From £10,140 
  • Small: 940 mm W x 980 mm D x 980 mm H
  • Weight: 11.3kg
  • Large: 1600 mm W x 1600 m D x 980 mm H
  • Weight 14.1kg
  • Finishes: light burnished brass, polished black nickel and matt black nickel


Bianca Chandelier by Porta Romana

Interlocking minimal shapes create a sophisticated multidimensional centrepiece. When lit up, the soft geometry and curves accentuate to provide an ingenious radiance. If you need to finish off your entrance space with a modest but defined eloquent ceiling feature, this could be your answer. Be sure to look out for the sister product, Bianca Lamp, launching in September

PORTA ROMANA - Bianca White Chandelier

  • From £4,266 
  • Dimensions: 900mm H  x 680mm W
  • Weight: 5kg
  • Drop: 1985 mm
  • Finishes: fired copper with bright gold or plaster white 


Bloom by Haberdashery

The delicate drape of Haberdashery’s latest product launch calms and intrigues the eye. Inspired by the florals of early spring, Bloom is finely crafted from translucent porcelain petal shapes. Each stylised Bloom bud, like teardrops softly cascading down, is lit from the inside, creating a soft glowing illumination adding serene, understated composure to your space. An ideal solution to complement your spiral staircase.

  • From £3,270 
  • Available in 5 set compositions, each configured to complement different spaces
  • Finishes: white glazed porcelain petals, gold plated brass petal fixings, powder coated ceiling hub, gold silk braided cable.


73.20 by Bocci

You could get lost in this fun cloud-like installation. 73 Series by Bocci is available in a range of compositions to suit your space. What makes the mystic charm is perhaps the process of how these lights are made: blowing liquid glass into a folded and highly heat resistant ceramic fabric vessel. Define play and add depth to your space with these thoughtfully textured lights.

  • From $15,000 
  • Spec based on the round canopy (square and rectangle also available)
  • Dimension: 20 pendants approx. 120mm – 150mm H x 260mm – 350mm W
  • Drop: lengths vary from 3000mm standard to 30,500mm maximum 
  • Weight: 69kg
  • Drop: lengths vary to create a cascade


Kuulas 55 and Kuulas 110 by Cameron Design House

A bold statement for any home, Kuulas is a breathtaking way to bring colour into your lighting scheme. Available in two distinct sizes and a range of different colours, each glass pearl is hand-blown by artisans. Almost mistaken for an array of balloons, this remarkable chandelier effortlessly shouts quirky chic that wants to bring fun and mischief into the atmosphere of your entertaining spaces at home.


  • Price on application
  • Each sphere is up to 400 mm diameter 
  • Dimension: customisable, bespoke length and height 
  • Drop: fully adjustable drop height on chandelier
  • Finishes: 24 carat gold, black chain, steel chain


Inari by Cameron Design House

Vividly fluid Inari is custom handmade meaning no two pieces are ever the same. If you are looking for something unique then this special lighting sculpture is one to consider. Inspired by Lake Inari in Finland, the flowing modern curves provide a continuous light beam that is organically intertwined yet suspends harmoniously at home to complement the surrounding architecture.


  • Price on application
  • Sizes: customisable, bespoke length and height 
  • Drop: fully adjustable drop height on chandelier
  • Finishes: polished or brushed metal or a variety of powder coated finishes
Emily Smith

Cleverly remodelled interiors in aesthetic buildings have always inspired Emily. That’s why after studying Interior Architecture, she pursued her London career with several high profile design studios. Today she deploys her decade of experience within the interior design market consulting on a range of transformational projects. She is passionate about design that not only has strong visual appeal but also a direct and positive impact on wellbeing. Emily will be guiding us through the world of interior architecture and design from her unique perspective this season.

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