La Katz – Silken Luxury

When slipping into one of the elegant and timeless pieces of silken luxury from La Katz, you can feel the quality and the care that has gone into its production. The touch of the natural, organic, toxin-free silk on one’s skin leaves a luxurious and comforting feeling. Each garment is made with the finest materials: organic silk made in India, cotton yarn from Germany and natural colouring from Austria. Founder, Laura Sänger, underlines the importance of creating a sustainable brand: “we focus on being good rather than less bad”. La Katz hand-made silk product range includes: the coat, blouse and blazer.


The La Katz long coat is designed in keeping with and as a variation on the timeless trench coat. You can opt to style it up as a dress or wear it down with a pair of your favourite jeans and heels.


A tasteful choice for almost any occasion. The rather elegant blazer can be put together with or without a belt as the mood takes you. It comes in Coral sands, Orange tiger, True red, Portofino lemon, Alabaster, Avignon, Ultramarine and many, many more.


With a deep neckline, the La Katz blouse is perfectly paired with almost anything and comes in Ultramarine, Alabaster, and Avignon.

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