Stacia Suttles

When Stacia Suttles turned 19, she stepped into a boxing ring for the first time. That mixture of adrenaline, anticipation and perhaps fear must have been palpable. It was in that first fight that the amateur realised she was exceptionally gifted in the combat sport.

Stacia thrived and was a quick-learning outsider, after just one year of training at her local gym in the Bronx, New York. She would go on to be named a finalist of the 2015 New York Daily News Golden Gloves at the Barclays Center. The event is still considered to be one of the most elite Golden Glove titles by many boxing aficionados. It’s an achievement, she says, wouldn’t have been possible without determination, grit and a dead set vision for success.

Suttles has already acquired two New York Daily News Golden Gloves, the 2016 USA National Championship, the 2016 National Golden Gloves silver medal and an International Gold and Bronze Medal in 2017. Now she wants to bring home Gold for Team USA in the Olympic Games. Visualisation, Stacia says, has been key to her knockout journey. “Rumble young one Rumble”.

Stacia’s story comes courtesy of Waldo’s ‘The Visionaries’ series. A collection of short films telling the stories of extraordinary individuals who’ve achieved monumental success through the power of visualisation, hard work and determination.

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