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Our beauty editor Gemma Phelan discusses semi-permanent make-up.

Whether you’re the victim of overzealous plucking, Alopecia, or, like me, you were simply not blessed with Cara Delevingne-esqe brows to mould and shape as you please, semi-permanent make-up may be just the ticket. I have spent the last decade pencilling in my eyebrows and although I had perfected the art, the thought of being free of this daily chore is something that’s excited me for years.

Undergoing any kind of permanent make-up procedure is daunting. The result is going to be on your face for 2-5 years, so choosing the right consultant is paramount. Be warned, there are hundreds of shysters out there willing to take your money in return for a bodge job.  After months of research and asking around, a beauty blogger friend of mine referred me to ‘Brow Queen’ Belinda Hayle and, boy, I’m glad she did.

Belinda’s clinic, based in Chertsy, Surrey, is a purpose-built annex with all the bells and whistles of a Harley Street facility.

My welcome was warm and Belinda took the time to explain the procedure and understand my expectations. I showed Belinda a couple of pictures of how I’d traditionally drawn my eyebrows in and she went about pencilling the base shape.

Before looking in the mirror, Belinda warned me that the shape was not what I was used to, but was more in alignment with my brow bone and natural arch. It took a bit of persuading, but the trust Belinda had built in the initial consultation had me confident in her opinion.  Belinda, like me, is a perfectionist, so had no qualms spending over an hour getting the shape of each brow absolutely perfect before the final application.

The method Belinda uses is quite unique: one single needle being used to implant the cosmetic pigment in to the skin. This ensures a clean line and gives the effect of individual hairs rather than a blocky outcome. The PureBeau machine truly is the Rolls Royce of German permanent make-up engineering.

The procedure was quite painless, although it did make me want to sneeze. In all honesty, the wurr of the machine combined with Magic Radio playing in the background almost sent me off to sleep.

On leaving the clinic, Belinda armed me with an oily ointment, which she advised I apply three times a day for a week. Over the next couple of weeks I experienced a slight itchiness and the pigment faded a little as the skin flaked and settled.  If the procedure has been carried out correctly, there should be no real scabbing of the skin and the slight flaking shouldn’t be noticeable.

Any slight inconsistencies were corrected on my second appointment and I am now the proud owner of two flawlessly-sculpted, natural-looking brows. Belinda’s approach is a perfect blend of professionalism, compassion and empathy, and I really could not have wished for a better result.

Prices start at £495 for High Def Hairstroke Brows. For more information, visit belindahayle.com

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Gemma Phelan

Phelan is The Review’s beauty editor. Aside from reviewing the hottest new beauty products and services, she also runs her own digital marketing agency, DigitalBinx. Phelan has previously worked at the Daily Mirror and Elle Magazine, and is a lover of red lipstick, vintage fashion and ‘oldies’ tag radio.

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