Jossy Slade

Blessed is he who, in pursuit of the POW, forsakes all others and takes to the piste. Jos, Jossy or Jossima is our alpine Jedi. In Greek mythology, the Titans were greater even than the Gods. They ruled their universe with absolute power. Well, that piste is Jossy's universe; he rules it like a Titan.

Premier Alpine Centre

I would imagine that, having skied for a number of years now, I wouldn’t need any tuition. But I’d be very wrong. When we arrived in Nendaz, we had already called and arranged tutelage from Patrick at the Premier Alpine Centre. Patrick is a professional ski and télémark instructor with 15 years of experience. Undoubtedly highly qualified, it’s only when you see Patrick ski that his expertise becomes apparent. Having grown up living and breathing the Alpine mountains, Patrick certainly knew his way around. We met on the first day in Chamonix, a decent two-hour drive from Nendaz. With snow melting fast, it felt like I was continually throwing a…