Keep the Faith

Paloma Faith is not a woman known for doing things by halves. Giant gold palm trees, pianos and suited band members lined the stage at her recent show at Reading’s Hexagon; an exotic, seductive atmosphere cranked up even more when the lady herself arrived in sparkles and fur, an elegant retro-throwback which Faith has become famous for conjuring. But it’s her voice, that voice, which charges the crowd after a rather sedate support act. It’s a wonder that she even needs a microphone as she soars through opener Let Your Love Walk In, the band behind her tight and sharply dressed. This may not be Wembley Stadium, but you wouldn’t…

The Goring

When you say ‘family run hotel’ in anything other than an RP or cut glass accent, one conjures up images of a portly house-wife serving highly questionable shepherds pie from a guest house in Dursley. Perish the thought my well-healed well to do’s. Deep in the heart of royal London is the last family built and run hotel in the city. In 1910 otto Richard Goring opened the ho- tel that was to become the darling of The Queen Mother. now under the tutelage of Jeremy Goring, the hotel has earned itself the commercial license to print money that is, a Royal Warrant. ‘God Bless You Ma-am’. It’s locality to…

Push The Sky Away

In 1971 two tourists arrived on Thailand’s third largest island via a coconut boat from the mainland and stumbled across what can only be described as the modern mass interpretation of paradise – white-sand beaches with palms blowing in the breeze, clear blue water lapping the unspoilt shoreline. All set against a scene of lush green hills and rough wooden shacks, a viewing gallery to a simpler time.


Victor, the world’s first marketplace for empty leg private jet travel, is partnering with Shangri-La Paris to offer the ultimate luxury experience this Christmas season. Travel by private jet from London to Le Bourget – straight into the heart of Paris avoiding airport queues and hassle. Based on a two-night minimum stay, the Ultimate Noël en Famille Christmas package is designed to make the most of a holiday spent in Paris.

Rihanna… Clothing Optional

Trendsetting musician Rihanna recently debuted her hugely-anticipated clothing line with high street brand River Island at London’s prestigious Fashion Week. The daring star is known for her risqué fashion and ability to push boundaries, and this is reflected in her range, albeit a little restrained. Spanning casual wardrobe items to chic evening wear, there are a number of pieces which display a direct correlation between Rihanna’s typical attire and her clothing line. Prime examples are the midriff-baring high-neck t-shirts and knotted vest tops. Rihanna is renowned for her fabulously toned frame and these particular items from her collection offer an opportunity to accentuate a small waist while sustaining some modesty….

Step and Repeat

  Who? Olivia Palermo  Where? The launch of Montblanc’s new watch collection in Geneva, Switzerland. Miss Palermo is frequently seen plastered across the pages of some of the biggest publications in fashion, praised for her acute sense of style, stoic willingness to mix and match, and ultimately, for always maintaining an enviable aura of class and elegance along the way. Infusing winter garments here with spring/summer 2013 trends — such as the mesh skirt which echoes the intense mesh input adopted in the collections of fashion houses such as Christian Dior, Chanel and Balmain – Palermo confirms the necessity to include mesh in your wardrobe this season. The rich, autumnal…

Bags at the ready

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman’s life is simply incomplete without that special someone on her arm, whether they be tall, small, square or round, dark or coloured, complex or simple, Christopher Kane or Saint Laurent. Yes, a woman’s handbag really is her biggest necessity, and above all, it has to have character. With this in mind, Chiara Thomas decided to look at a variety of this season’s best catches, catering to each individual taste and desire.  With these must-have suggestions, your spring is sorted. By Day Diane Von Furstenberg For flirtatious daytime glamour, look no further than this Diane Von Furstenberg Carolina lips clutch in lilac….

The Fixer

London is a city like no other, according to LedburyResearch the increase in London in Centa-Millionaires is likely to rise by 44% this year. It isn’t all about Brazil and China. The total net worth of the elite Centa-Millionaires is around $39.9 Trillion. London has always been a safe haven to the rich and powerful, with lax corporate tax law and a million fiscal personal loopholes. London has never seen so many transient affluent characters reaching the banks of the Thames. So your one of the 63’000 people worldwide with $100m or more in assets, wedged into some ungodly diamond encrusted wallet or gold plated purse. You’re in central London,…

The Flying Palace

When Iqbal Wahhab OBE stepped down as director of the Cinnamon Club, the London restaurant brigade knew it was a move to pastures greener.

Q&A – Jean Georges Vongerichten

Since the hotel opened 60 years ago on a promontory of the same name, Eden Rock has been a magnet for the A-list crowd from Greta Garbo and Howard Hughes to some of today’s most distinguished celebs. 2012 saw the addition of acclaimed chef Jean Georges Vongerichten join the hotel. This is the first collaboration of its kind on St Barths, and Vongerichten is responsible for the hotel’s two renowned restaurants, The Sand Bar and On the Rocks. What made you decide to join Eden Rock-St Barths?  I have always loved St Barths as a vacation destination.  When approached to open a restaurant at Eden Rock I was hesitant since…

Bentley W12 GTC

It may be named Continental, but the new Bentley is unapologetically British. From the moment that W.O. Bentley’s brand new, three-litre engine roared into life, in his London-based New Street Mews workshops, sometime during October 1919, his dream, his passion “To build a good car, a fast car, the best in class” started coming to fruition. This innovative engine, designed by ex-Royal Flying Corps officer Clive Gallop, had four valves per cylinder, and lightweight aluminium pistons. It was good enough to power Douglas Hawkes’s car, in the 1922 Indianapolis 500 race, at an average speed of 80mph. The 1920s were a golden decade for Bentley. Ettore Bugatti, his greatest competitor…

Ferrari California

Ferrari taken over to Europe to make sure that the natives are not ‘too restless’. Speed essential to report from the ground, so the latest Ferrari California 30 was chosen for the journey. It was to take four days, 1605 miles, and visits to Paris, Bordeaux, and Le Mans to confirm that the bad weather had not unsettled the natives, and that the entente was still cordiale. ‘Come, friendly bombs, and fall on Slough! It isn’t fit for humans now’, opined John Betjeman in his famous ten-stanza poem of 1937. Fast forward 75 years, and ‘we are fortunate now’ that the majority of the 850 factories that incurred his wrath…

Andermatt – Summer in the mountains

It’s bittersweet, really. On the one hand, the weather is always going to be much more agreeable than here in Blighty. Their green and luscious meadows are filled with Swiss chocolate and beer, and you can slip in and out of your banker’s office in Geneva en route. On the other hand, there is no snow. Well, not none – there is some at the top, up by the pointy bit of the mountain, but you can’t really ski on it. Not just because it is wildly dangerous, but also because it is frowned upon by the authority-obliging Swiss. No matter how hard I try, I stare up at the…




Puerto rico

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rio is borne out of an immensely long and diverse history. Its current social make-up and the basis for much of the social aspects of life, food, dance and art are influenced by the triumvirate of backgrounds that the population is largely made up of, those being the indigenous population.

Luxury Dining Table

The Short Stay Property Roundtable

To explore the prevailing wind of the latest travel destinations is one thing. To unpick the essence of luxury travel and hospitality, to unravel the nature of what a whole new generation of high-end holidaymakers are seeking, and to understand what is driving the shifting sands of travel trends is something else entirely. 

Chino Latino, Park Plaza

Slow London

For me, London tends to be a swift one-day affair for a day on set, back-to-back meetings or events across the city. However, last week my visit was a little different, I was to stay at The Gantry, a Stratford hotel, with dinner at Chino Latino, just south of the river.  To the eyes of someone with a packed schedule, staying almost an hour away from an evening destination might seem abhorrent. If this sounds all too familiar, let me explain why you need to embrace a slowing pace, and never overlook the joy of seeing one’s own country or city through the eyes of a tourist. The Gantry Arriving…


Vietnam. A Tapestry of Timeless Tradition

From the lush terraced rice paddies to mysterious forests and serpentine rivers, Vietnam’s natural splendour is nothing short of breathtaking. The nation’s rich cultural tapestry, a seamless fusion of Asian and French influences, is beautifully woven into the very fabric of daily life, from its unique architecture to exquisite cuisine.

Ice_Skating_Lake Minnewanka_Paul Zizka_Horizontal

Beguiling Banff

Welcome to the digital nomads. This new tribe of traveller has an intense desire to immerse themselves in a place, to get a sense of its space and its people. To unearth the roots of its way of life and discover its heartbeat. Only then, can they feel like they are  part of its landscape rather than just a visitor to it.


22-23 Season


The Clinic Holland Park

The Elective – The Clinic Holland Park

In this inaugural edition of The Elective, we sit down with Aesthetician, Ophthalmologist and Oculoplastic Surgeon Dr Jennifer Doyle and Consultant Ophthalmologist and Oculoplastic Surgeon Mr Richard Scawn for a deep dive on The Clinic Holland Park.

Goldfield & Banks, Ingenious Ginger

A gift for every moment

The perfect gift doesn’t need to be seasonal. The occasion might be a birthday, a win at the office, or maybe a moment of self-care. Whichever way, we are here for your inspiration.  Here’s our hot list of what we would like wrapped up and gently pressed into our palms from another, or in a moment of self-celebration.   The Fragrance Moment Goldfield & Banks, Ingenious Ginger As one’s perfume collection grows, the available space for play between fragrances could narrow – especially for a nose that knows what it likes. For a scent that boasts overall citrus and floral notes (my least reached-for categories), this unusual blend is a…


Take us to the Discothéque

A little dress, legs out, heels on. Should I take a jacket? It’s early summer so I might need it. I will probably only want to toss it aside when I get there… I’ll grab an Uber rather than the Tube… It’s not pre-planning for a night out, but it could be. I am actually off to breakfast with Hanover and Jessie, from Discothéque. The newest, and in my humble (if not industry-specific) opinion, most exciting home fragrance launch I have attended in a long while. Now, it’s not a unique notion to use scent to take us away to another place or time, but Discothéque wants to whisk us…




Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae - Roger Chan - The Review Magazine

Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae LP780-4

I slip my slightly clammy hand gingerly into the slot, ease some pressure and pull gently skyward. That scissor-door entry is nothing less than muted pornography. So effortless in its execution, it’s part of the recipe that makes the Aventador just that little bit more special.

Casio PX-S7000 Stephen Sims

Aesthetic Harmonics – The Casio PX-S7000

Quality, innovation and – by god, in this case – style. Casio’s reputation precedes it when it comes to its product development and, crucially, its product refinement. Their first electronic keyboard, The Casiotone CT-201, was birthed by Toshio Kashio and his team in January 1980.

Ferrari F8 Spider

Ferrari F8 Spider

Fresh from four days in Scotland driving the simply astonishing Ferrari F8 Spider, there are times in one’s life where you have to sit back, take some time, and genuinely let an experience wash over you. You need to take it in. Revel in it. The smells, the sights, the sheer visceral nature of it.

Alpina - Startimer Pilot Chronograph

Alpina – Startimer Pilot Chronograph

Like many Swiss watchmaking dynasties, Alpina can trace its founding back to the turn of the nineteenth century – 1883 to be precise – by Gottlieb Hauser, a watchmaker in Winterthur, who also established the Swiss Watchmakers Corporation (Union Horlogère Suisse).

Stacia Suttles

Stacia Suttles

It wasn’t until Stacia Suttles turned 19 and stepped into a boxing ring for the first time, that the amateur fighter realised she was exceptionally gifted in the combat sport.

Twisted 21

I scanned the horizon of the Finnish race circuit but Charlie was possibly doing a few laps in the 500hp V8 110. “Let me see if I can find him Tony”. “Cool man”. This was the first of a handful of semi awkward exchanges I would have with Tony Hawk that week as we crossed from Finland into Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Austria and Monaco.