du Maurier Maxim Watch

Please don’t call me Mr de Winter, I’ve a very impressive array of first names; George Fortesque Maximillion, but you needn’t bother with them all at once, my family call me Maxim.

If you’re familiar Daphne du Maurier’s story of Rebecca then the character of Max deWinter will doubtlessly be on your list of top ten rouges of all time. The dashing ‘hero’, who murders his ex-wife and still gets the girl. Imagine a handsome trilby-wearing rake with a family residence that would make the Queen blush and breeding to shame Kauto Star. The leading man in the book oozes all of the charm that you would expect from a 1930s landed millionaire—and you’ll be no doubt pleased to learn that you too can have a slice of it. The brainchild of Daphne du Maurier’s descendant Ned Browning, du Maurier Watches is a home-grown company offering style and heritage in their latest creation; The Maxim.  Named after Mandalay’s most famous resident, the Maxim embodies 1930s charm with today’s call for a larger dress watch. Upon first inspection, it doesn’t disappoint. From the art deco script to the machine-blue sub dial second hand, it’s every inch the choice of a self respecting cad. The face is protected by sapphire crystal, should you knock it whilst climbing out of your Riva on Lake Como (its water resistant to 5ATM, should you actually fall in) and the movement is from the same country as your numbered bank account—Switzerland. While the second hand car dealers and lottery winners are flashing their Rolexes at the local social club, this watch wouldn’t look out of place wafting down to the Côte D’azur on the wrist of  a suede loafer shod playboy. Each one comes in its own presentation box with its edition number engraved on it and production is limited to just 300 pieces, so exclusivity is taken care of. The only aspect of this watch that won’t fit with the millionaire lifestyle is the price. This example will set you back £445.00, which, for what you get, is excellent value. With the first examples already sold, I suggest that you stake your claim soon, before the remaining articles end up with the collectors. They always say that the watch never maketh the man, but this, like any good solid rule, needs an exception. You can buy yours from www.dumaurierwatches.com


Mathew Hamilton Green. Videographer, writer, wry smiled smirker.

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