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Having seen Andy Murray take the Wimbledon title for England for the first time since we thought the Earth was flat, i fully expect the population of our fair isle to head for the nearest set of courts they can find.

Thus reliving ‘past tennis glory’ and keeping chiropractors and physiotherapists in the lifestyle to which they are accustomed. There are easier ways though people, having spent the last two weeks frequenting my local David Lloyd health centre, i have come to embrace exercise the way prepubescent boys covet gentleman’s magazines.

My relationship with exercise is somewhat mixed, i was always a rather thin child and couldn’t have weighed more than nine stone for the majority of teenage years. Then i turned 18 and thus a great british tradition was bestowed on me by my Grandfather, beer!

So over the years my waist line has increased somewhat and so my suits have begun to need a little letting out, many thanks to tailor David Minns for that one. I am however turning 30 this year and so feel that it is time to put this gut in check.

To be honest, I’m a little daunted at the task, i expect the gym to be dragooned with 18 year olds working on their muscles. Note to all 18 year olds, at 18, everyone has a flat stomach.

Im pleasantly surprised when sitting at the outside pool at the amount of people plus 25 with tight toned bodies. So much so that i politely enter into small talk with a gent that sits in the lounger next to me, i ask him what he does for a living expecting him to be a body builder or male model. “Im a surveyor” he says. I ask him what he eats and how often he exercises, “three to four times a week and of course i don’t eat junk food everyday and binge drink but i don’t deny myself my culinary favourites”. So there is light at the end of the tunnel i think. Having been going to the gym for two weeks now I’m surprised by my general fitness and muscle strength in daily life. I have never been one for the fitness bug but having dedicated a portion of my life to go and having done it in these surroundings, i think i might be hooked.

Our local centre is in Long Ashton and with 78 clubs across the UK, you are hard pressed to not find a local centre. Tennis Courts, Badminton Courts, Pools, Gym, Classes, Bar, Restaurant, Kids Club, Fitness Experts, Nutritionists, physios, they couldn’t have made it easier to say yes.

The building and it’s numerous treadmills and sun loungers is clean, crisp and a haven for exercise. A real health centre rather than an old leather punch bag and an old exercise bike.

Perhaps thats what has made the difference, the health club rather than the gym side of the operation. As with many people, the gym fad usually starts at Christmas and drops off suddenly. Myself and my annoyingly athletic partner will be reviewing the offering at David Lloyd for the rest of the year and invite you to join us!

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Mathew Hamilton Green. Videographer, writer, wry smiled smirker.

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