Bentley Bentayga

The first generation of Bentley’s Bentayga didn’t do much for me at first. I think my issue was that, as a partner cog in the VAG machine, they should have learnt from Porsche’s mistakes with the straight-up-ugly original Cayenne. Then I had coffee. More specifically, I was sat on a Kensington street sipping my morning cortado, and there sat a Bentayga. Black with the large Mulliner five spoke alloy wheels (thankfully in silver).


The DBS is a car whose name leads you into the detail of its performance, intent and form. DBS were three letters first seen in 1967 in the William Towns designed original, created to replace the, by now, rather portly DB6.

Aston Martin DB5

Financing a Classic Car

The types of car finance will vary depending on the car value, the lender and the model you’re wanting to finance. It’s therefore important to familiarise yourself with the different options available before deciding on the finance choice for you.

BMW M8 Competition

I can’t quite remember when the phrase ‘things used to be better’ became a fixture in my thinking. I’m 38 but feel more and more like an octogenarian when faced by the world we live in today.

Volvo S60 T5

Deck the halls: it was 1978 and gravel-voiced, slide-guitar-wielder Chris Rea was driving home for Christmas. Except he wasn’t. Rea had lost his license for hitting the sauce in perfectly rock-star fashion.

Morgan Plus 6

We arrived at the Morgan factory to find the hallowed grounds shrouded in thick Autumnal fog, the modest structures that form the iconic Malvern Wells site appearing from the misty abyss like anchored galleons.

Alex Clark – The Quest for Monza

Join us as we interview some of the worlds most prolific collectors from infancy to the collections zenith. This time we sit down with Alex Clark, founder of Bitstew to talk about his burgeoning Ferrari collection whilst he hunts down a new addition to his collection, The Ferrari Monza SP1.

Concours of Elegance

As the sun rose on Saturday the 7t​h​ of September after an up and down year in the classic car world I was interested to see what the turnout and appetite would be for prestigious events such as the Concours of Elegance at Hampton Court Palace. For the uninitiated; these events consist of horribly wealthy older gentlemen with Panama hats and considerably younger partners. There appears to be an unspoken and unofficial competition each year for depth of tan, size of wristwatch and age gap betwixt partners. I quietly judged this year’s winner to be an American fellow in his eighties who was a deeply nurtured shade of mahogany whilst…

Jack Barclay & Huntsman Bentley Bentayga

It has been proclaimed in many instances throughout history that when two worlds collide, a star is born. Whilst the physicist in me knows that this statement is not scientifically accurate, there couldn’t be a more suitable description for a project of this nature coming to fruition – enter the Jack Barclay and Huntsman Bentley Bentayga. Jack Barclay shouldn’t require an introduction. The iconic dealership in Mayfair can even afford to drop the automotive brand name without ever worrying about ambiguity. Regardless, their showroom designs continue to evolve as they constantly seek to improve the patron experience; such is the commitment to customer service from the oldest Bentley showroom on…

Ferrari Portofino

It had been almost a decade since I strapped into a Ferrari for anything other than a brisk weekend jaunt. In reverse order, The Ferrari 488 Pista in San Francisco, the F12 Berlinetta and GTC4Lusso in Vancouver, and the 2012 California 30 in the Loire Valley. Considering the amount of time and craftsmanship that goes into fettling a Ferrari to life, 48 hours seems like an affront to the great and the good in Maranello. Not wanting to appear obtuse, I boarded the earliest train from Cheltenham bound for the ‘Welsh Riviera’ to seek out the Ferrari Portofino. Ideally to ‘take her a prize’.

Ferrari UK Challenge Series

In a world of multi-billion pound, purpose-built motorsport complexes, bejewelled with high-end boutiques and luxury accommodation; Croft is a decidedly more down-to-earth, quintessentially Yorkshire-type affair. There’s no dedicated in-house driver development facilities or state-of-the-art media suites, but there’s always a cracking cup of tea on-hand, and all the folk are dead nice. Situated near Darlington, Croft is a circuit that’s particularly close to my heart.

Rolls Royce Phantom One of One

As part of our series of films with Cooke lenses, we asked the ladies and gents in white coats at Rolls-Royce if they could make available a marque that would befit our interest in helping them get ‘The Cooke Look’. What the team suggested wildly exceeded our expectations.


The Concours of Elegance has announced the first of its features for 2019: a world-first display of one of every Aston Martin Zagato variant ever manufactured. From the 1960 DB4 GT Zagato, right through to the Vanquish Zagato Coupé, Volante, Speedster and Shooting Brake, guests will be able to browse 16 examples from one of the most famous creative partnerships in automotive history. The Aston Martin Zagato Celebratory Display is being curated by the Aston Martin Owners Club (AMOC), supported by Aston Martin Lagonda and Zagato. The display will include a number of extremely rare, as well as several unique, models, including one of the most famous racing Aston Martins…

The sincerest form of flattery

You see it all the time in the market as people come up with more inventive ways to dance around the word Replica. A word that in my mind has always been treated a little unfairly and masked with such artistic wordplay as evocation, continuation or even tool room copy. I know that they all have subtle nuances which differentiate them but underneath they are all under the umbrella of Replica. Now we all know that every rule needs an exception and I think that that I may have found it. As soon as friends and new acquaintances learn of your passion for classic cars all kinds of tenuous conversation…

Ferrari GTC4Lusso T

The Lusso T’s intoxicating performance, versatility and day-to-day usability are all impressive qualities. However, above all else, it’s the overwhelming sense that you are driving something truly special, the product of a marque that’s spent the past 70 years honing and perfecting a formula; a formula which has produced some of the finest, most desirable motor vehicles ever.

Route One – Shelby Mustang GT350R

I got out of my chequered yellow cab and pushed my way past the airport bus queue, headed for the hotel’s reception. After three days sampling New York’s finest destinations, I was ready to leave the Big Apple, get behind the wheel and onto the road. The journey had seemed endless out to JFK airport, as I knew waiting for me was a car not officially available in the UK. I had already christened it out of homage to its predecessor, the feature car in the film ‘Gone in Sixty Seconds’, Eleanor. Having collected the keys from the front desk, I returned to the parking lot, but was unable to…


My last experience of driving the Ford Mustang was on the Pacific Coast Highway from Los Angeles to Napa Valley and back. I vividly remember stopping en route at Pismo beach, to dig holes in the sand, rather childishly with the big V8 and its rear tires. I burnt badly in the sun with the roof down, ensuring I wasn’t the only lobster for dinner. And there was a gap between the rear and front windows wide enough to get your hand in to lift the locks. Some prodigious stops at wineries led to my precious cargo of some sixty bottles of wine to be locked in the boot whilst the luggage travelled in plain…

Rolls Royce Dawn

When I called Rolls-Royce to ask if I could borrow a Phantom Drop Head, I was a little despondent when informed, “I’m terribly sorry, sir, but we’re phasing them out”. In the most first-world way possible, I was sad about this. Although that was quickly swept away by the follow up of “…have you tried the Dawn?” Thinking that, as a consolation, they were going to send me to lunch with the lady who cleans the offices, I enquired gingerly as to what he was talking about. Well, it transpires that the Dawn is just over seventeen-foot of wood, leather, aluminium and automotive pornography. Because (in England, at least) we…

Volvo XC90

My first encounter with a Volvo came in the form of a friend’s mother’s 245, sitting outside her modest home like a trusted family friend. The Volvo 200 series ran from 1974 to 1993, selling over 2.8 million units and becoming ubiquitous with British life in the process. It was overtly safety-conscious; the equivalent of fitting your child with lifelong orange armbands. But the idea that a car represents a certain set of society is becoming rarer as the automotive industry rushes to build as many vehicles with international appeal, using as few distinctive parts as possible. Despite being regarded as decidedly Swedish, fast forward to 2017 and we’ve seen…