The Beauty Passport, our second journey

It’s been a time of change, adjustment, and uncertainty, but I turn towards the future with hope, amongst a little trepidation.

Some may have snuck in some travel in the late summer months. Personally, with three European trips canceled by quarantine changes or airline cancellations, it will be a little while longer before I take my Beauty Passport internationally. As the winter months draw in and hygge vibes heighten as the days shorten, let’s take another trip around the UK for inspiration to shake up your skincare routine, add new colour to your space, or surprise someone you may be missing whilst distance may be separating us.

Wild Source Apothecary, Buff and Glow Ritual Kit

Wild Source Apothecary – Buff and Glow Ritual Kit

For those of us with extra time at the moment, there has been the opportunity to create new habits within our self-care routine. For those of us lacking time, these practices can be key to keeping a check on your mindfulness and creating moments for you. Wild Source Apothecary invites a slow-living, mindful beauty, combining products with rituals rather than routines. The whole range uses only natural ingredients, sourced from within the UK wherever possible. For skin that needs some love and a mind that craves uplifting, welcome the Buff and Glow Ritual Kit into your day. To start, Detox Salt Scrub pairs exfoliating Himalayan salt with uplifting pink grapefruit on a sweet almond base which soothes and hydrates. Use all over the body and focus on dry areas for daily invigoration. Follow with Golden Hour, straight out of the shower on damp skin. A body oil full of skin-nourishing seed oils and the scent of camellia and jasmine, it’s stirring yet soothing effect invites a sense of inner strength for the day. 

Tiffy & Tallulah, Beauty, Ultimate Pamper Hamper

Tiffy & Tallulah – Ultimate Pamper Hamper

Anyone who has a small human in their world may already be aware that, just because something is designed for an adult, it doesn’t mean children won’t want to be involved too. The simplicity of taking a moment for a facemask for Tiffany (with ingredients aimed at adult skin) led to a big tantrum from just such a tiny human. From there Tiffy and Talulah was created. From the cutest matching Bow Headbands and other accessories, through to little and large matching beauty products, the brand boasts everything needed for a beauty routine shared with your youngest and dearest. Their newest offering is their strawberry-scented Hand Cream, containing softening shea butter and grape seed oil; this cream is designed for bonding moments and shared experiences, and whilst suitable for the most delicate skin, it remains effective for adults. 

Wild and Bloom, Bouquets, Seasonal Subscriptions

Wild and Bloom – Seasonal Subscriptions

As shown by social media, many of us have spent the past few months curating our homes to cultivate an enjoyable space in which we can relax as well as work. After some bigger personal projects (subsequently enduring the slog of cleaning more than a few paint trays), a welcome “easy fix” has been to change the space around me by inviting floral arrangements into my home. With the help of Bloom & Wild, it’s been a delight to experiment with colour and texture with their wide range of letterbox flowers, and the Seasonal Subscriptions make this even easier. Their hand-packaged flowers travel in style, with any delicate stems wearing petal protectors; especially important for this Autumn’s gorgeous roses and berries. All selections are sent in bud to ensure maximum floral beauty, whilst all bouquets fit through the postbox. These bouquets have become a favourite care package to send to friends and family, as well as a welcome reinvigoration of my workspace when I remember to treat myself. Give that same feeling to those you might be thinking of and missing, keeping connected with glorious, striking blooms. 

emolyne cosmetics, Metamorphosis Makeup Kit, Cape Town

Emolyne – Metamorphosis Makeup Kit, Cape Town

For some, nails and lipstick are the final pieces needed to finish a look, whilst for others, they are the basic requirement to feel comfortable when walking out the door. The newest and most inclusive brand, Emolyne, has created something for everyone. For creator Emolyne Ramlov, “Makeup has never been a one-size-fits-all category. It represents a journey of self-discovery: discovering that perfect signature shade in a playful way, and making it your own.” This incredible line offers 15 shades of red for every undertone and 15 shades of nude for every skin tone, across shade-matched lipstick, lip liner, and nail colour. For a classic red, try The Complete Kit in Cape Town, for the perfect warm rose nude, try The Complete Kit in Kampala. It will be your new grab and go handbag staple, with your nails highlighting that pop of colour when your mask conceals your lipstick.

BY SARAH LONDON, Beauty, Organic Facial Oil

BY SARAH LONDON – Organic Facial Oil

If you find skincare complex, monotonous, or time-consuming, it might be time to change it up for something a little different. BY SARAH LONDON is the only UK-based skincare collection to show all of their ingredients on the front label. Each piece showcases its components simply, directly, and openly. For hydration, try their Organic Facial Oil. Its sweet almond base provides gentle hydration, whilst the pumpkin seed oil is a fantastic antioxidant and natural source of Vitamin E. As if that wasn’t good enough, the presence of evening primrose not only soothes the skin but can assist in the skin’s uptake of other parts of the blend. It’s refreshing and exciting to use a product where you know every ingredient is chosen solely for the benefits to the skin, without fillers, dilution, or synthetic chemicals, where every ingredient is natural, organic, and prepared to the highest standard.

Ciate London, Cosmetics, VIP Collection: All About Moi

Ciate London – VIP (Very Important Pig) Collection: All About Moi

Ciate London has been one of my favourite brands for cosmetics ever since its launch. The brand’s motto “Colour, Innovation, Artistry, Trend, Extraordinary” truly represents its values. Founded by Charlotte Knight in 2009, the company may be new on the scene in comparison to the cosmetic giants, but be certain it is just as important. “I’m proud to be a woman leading an independent brand and to advocate for female empowerment, whether it’s through innovation in business or encouraging beauty lovers around the world to express their creativity and make-up their own rules.” 

Having started with nail-centric products and before adding cosmetics too, the brand provides some of the most exciting, trend-driven formulas in my professional kit and own makeup bag. The limited-edition VIP (Very Important Pig) Collection: All About Moi! is a super fun collaboration with The Muppets timeless and eminent Miss Piggy. The edit includes a suits-all cheek palette for a mask-friendly pop of colour (apply high on the cheekbones with the perfecting blending sponge included) and a tinted lip balm, both with a charming sugar doughnut scent. Ciate’s Cheat Sheets nail transfers are their newest release in nails, bringing the brand back around to its roots with innovative yet user-friendly nail art kits. Simply paint your nails in your favourite shade, add an icon, and seal with a topcoat!

Spectrum Collections, Jet Setter, Malachite, Cosmetics brushes

Spectrum Collections – Jet Setter, Malachite

The application of your makeup should be just as enjoyable, exciting, and elegant as the finished look itself. Spectrum Collections provides just that experience for every taste. The Malachite Jet Setter travel collection is an 8-piece does-it-all brush set, one of three gorgeous colourways available. The Jet Setter brushes all have short travel handles for convenience and are stored in a stylish two-tier cosmetic bag, ensuring that even on nights away you can still have home comforts in your beauty routine. The clinquant yet chic Oceana 5 Piece Eye set is beautifully lustrous; featuring iridescent turquoise handles, these are surely the brushes to be found on the dresser of every secret mermaid. 

Rock + Raw, Ultimate Guardian Rutilated quartz, Jewellery

Rock + Raw – Ultimate Guardian Rutilated quartz

When jewelry becomes more than decoration, you find Rock + Raw. Charged crystals to suit your needs and aspirations are worked into prepossessing handmade pieces. Based upon meditative practices and delivered with ethically hand-sourced stones cleansed in a ceremony by the founder Lucy, the signature pieces are created with different stones to appeal to your intentions. A personal favourite, the Ultimate Guardian Pendant in Rutilated Quartz and Gold is a talisman of light and transformation. The gold threads of rutile inclusions in the stone are a delight to behold and at each moment’s view. The Men’s Ultimate Guardian Ring in Malachite and Gold is a piece that nurtures growth, expansion, and transformation. More than adornment, Rock + Raw create meaningful pieces to adore.  

Ffern, perfume

Ffern – Seasonal Release

Sometimes parts of my work are just so exciting that it’s hard to keep quiet about them. Sometimes they are so exclusive you need to get in there quickly, hoping you aren’t too late already. One such gem you need to know about right now is the independent perfumery, Ffern. So select, I sat eagerly on the waiting list earlier this year, receiving my first one-off, this-season-only, signature scent in September. This is a new approach to fragrance, hand-crafted seasonally with only four releases per year, produced and bottled in numbers for the production ledger only. Truly, these scents are exclusive, with each release always striking. Unisex, natural, artisan, elusive. Sign up now. 

Scentered, aromatherapy, sleep

Scentered – I Want To Sleep Well

Since the onset of Covid-19 and ensuing lockdowns, the National Domestic Abuse Helpline has seen an average increase of 50% in calls. The helpline is run by the charity Refuge, the country’s largest single provider of specialist domestic abuse services. Beauty has its moments of extreme importance, as shown here by Scentered, who has partnered with the charity with the aim of making a big difference. With every sale of the I Want To Sleep Well gift set, a percentage of the proceeds will make its way to Refuge. The partnership has stated a target of 3,000 sets, equating to over £24,000 for the charity. The aromatherapy blend including lavender, chamomile, and ylang ylang promotes restful sleep, with an easy to apply aromatherapy balm and accompanying candle to lift your space. Stop, inhale, reset, and make a different countrywide.

Naomi Lake

Lake is a Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, Model and Creative Director. As the Beauty & Wellness Editor, she comes to the table with over a decade of knowledge in the industry. When she's not on set or writing, she's in a yoga class, checking out a new restaurant or exploring the menu of a cocktail bar, in the pursuit of the perfect Negroni.

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