A vision of modern living

In the latest of a series of new moves by leading technology designer LG, award winning designer Patrick Grant is collaborating with the brand on a series of premium home technology devices. Grant has been showcasing his vision for modern, metropolitan living. His concept combines the elegant and timeless designs of the entire LG SIGNATURE range, with the rich heritage of the townhouse on Carlton Terrace, where the installation will be showcased.

Already well known for his formidable designs in the world of fashion, Patrick Grant brings a fresh and unique perspective to home interiors with his design, which includes a freestanding, modular, cubic, living system – his vision for premium modern-living.

Patrick Grant said, “This was not simply about designing a great installation, the challenge was to create a living space that was contemporary – reflecting the simple beauty in the design of the LG SIGNATURE products – yet complementary to the stunning Regency terrace in which it will be shown. I imagined how a 21st century person would live in this space, enjoying the classical beauty, yet also surrounding themselves with technology that improves their lives. The unique and stylish structures allow for everything from entertaining, cooking, dining, relaxing and caring for ones’ wardrobe.”


The LG SIGNATURE products featuring within Patrick’s interior living space design include:

The LG SIGNATURE OLED TV W is the award-winning ‘Wallpaper’ television design that adds less that 4mm to your wall, and seamlessly blends to your surroundings to provide a unique viewing experience. With High Dynamic Range and 4K picture quality, together with Dolby Vision, images on the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV can appear crisper than in real-life. The inclusion of Dolby Atmos also provides rich sound that fills the entire room.

The LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine provides flawless care for your finest garments and comes equipped with two drums – a main 24-inch front load and smaller pedestal mini washer – allowing different loads on different settings to run simultaneously. The washing machine gives minimal vibration through its unique Centum System™ and will fit in with any modern home design with its sleek touch-enabled display panel and scratch-resistant surface.

The LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator, includes a bespoke, textured, steel finish and boasts the InstaView Door-in-Door, which when tapped transforms from reflective to transparent, an energy efficient way of enabling users to check contents without allowing cold air to escape. Additionally, the intuitive Auto Open Door™ and Auto Open Drawer™ allow users easy access to the fridges contents with minimal effort.

Simply beautiful on the outside, packed with state-of-the-art innovation on the inside the LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier, features sleek, advanced designs for powerful filtration and natural humidification – a future must have, here now. The smart indicator, provides an instant way of checking the surrounding air quality and with the SmartThinkQ™ app, users can check and control the air purifier via their mobile device.

Discussing the collaboration Carolyn Anderson, Marketing Director, LG Electronics UK said, “The LG SIGNATURE range brings together the very best in state of the art home technology from LG. What better way to showcase this than through Patrick Grant’s premium and minimalist interior design. The products represent a new sense of luxury for those that want more from their home technology – a beautifully designed space with beautifully designed products that can refine your life.”

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