The Leica M11: Old Dog, New Tricks.

At first glance, not much has changed aesthetically since the ’50s. The M11’s body is a full-metal housing composed of magnesium, a brass top plate and a black leatherette cover providing reassurance of build quality whilst dismissing any concerns of fragility. The M11 provides the same satisfying heft that you get from wearing a Rolex Submariner or slamming the door of a G Wagon; it’s weighty but a small price to pay for superior build quality.

A vision of modern living

In the latest of a series of new moves by leading technology designer LG, award winning designer Patrick Grant is collaborating with the brand on a series of premium home technology devices. Grant has been showcasing his vision for modern, metropolitan living. His concept combines the elegant and timeless designs of the entire LG SIGNATURE range, with the rich heritage of the townhouse on Carlton Terrace, where the installation will be showcased. Already well known for his formidable designs in the world of fashion, Patrick Grant brings a fresh and unique perspective to home interiors with his design, which includes a freestanding, modular, cubic, living system – his vision for premium modern-living. Patrick Grant…