The Sojourn

As Autumn and Winter roll in, we’re all slightly bitter about the rather absent summer months this year. We don’t think we’re alone here. When the major players put on their AW21 season showcases in February, Editors, buyers and alike had to come to terms with a host of digitally distanced runways and online presentations. So it’s no surprise that this season is a much more bold and altogether confident affair.

Having spent what felt like an eternity at home in ‘athleisure’ wear, we are certainly applauding a much more sartorial sojourn this AW season. To this end, we’ve tasked Stylist Adam Telling, Photographer Barney Oates and model Cameron Mackintosh to head out on a winter sojourn in the incredibly fetching Mercedes Benz SL R107.  Here is our selection of Autumn/Winter wardrobe essentials, SL sold separately courtesy of the SL Shop.


Sheepskin Jacket: Firetrap. Gloves: Models own.


Jumper and Shirt: Beaufort and Blake.

Overcoat, Roll-neck, Jeans and Boots: Zara

Blazer: Charles Tyrwhitt. Roll neck: Zara



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