The Alpine Edition 22-23


“The mountains are calling, and I must go.” John Muir. Strictly speaking, preservationist and naturalist John Muir’s famous quote is abbreviated more often than not. What Muir went on to say is: “The mountains are calling & I must go & I will work on while I can, studying incessantly.” Muir made it his life’s work to interpret and preserve nature, all the while preaching to the masses to truly experience the snow-capped mountains of Yosemite and the Sierra. As our Alpine Travel teams head out across the globe this season, we know they do so with that same reverence for the hydrological cycle.

Having returned to Zermatt for the first time in a decade, I meet Air Zermatt CEO and decorated Mountain Rescuer, Gerold Biner. The Cervo Mountain resort shows us its approach to casual luxury and the culture of the Alps.

We find time to take to the slopes at The Alpina Gstaad and stop for a wellness check-in, and the team at Haute Aviation ensures a smooth landing for all.

It’s not all choppers and jets, however. We also take a trip on one of the world’s most impressive train rides aboard The Glacier Express, all whilst checking in for the start of the season at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel’s Private Mountain event in Arosa.

The first winners of The Sirreti List Awards are announced, presenting private luxury accommodation par excellence with Chalet Zermatt Peak named “Amongst The World’s Best”.

Beauty maven Naomi Lake proffers her perfect alpine spa selection for Wanderlust in the Dolomites and beyond, and heads up to 1850 to discover Les Airelles Courchevel.

Photojournalist Barney Oates ventures out to Verbier on an assignment with Canon and a full kit bag, and finally, Planks clothing leads the charge in our Alpine Essentials guide.

Here’s to a great Winter season!

Peter J Robinson
Managing Editor

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