Tech Roundup – Q3

Motorola TLKR T80 Quad Pack

The Motorola TLKR T80 Extreme lets you have free conversations using an original and stylish modern radios with a wide range of features. This extremely robust license free 2-way radio has been given an IPX4 rating for its reinforced water resistant exterior. To find out more about IP ratings click here.

With easy to use controls, a range of up to 10km*, a handy built-in torch and 8 channels, this is an ideal tool for communicating in any environment.

The T80 Extreme model allows you to create groups, so you can make calls to your whole team or a group of people.  Every member of the group has an ID and can see the name of the group on the screen display.  This version comes with vibrate alert so you can work without distractions.  The voice activation function makes it even more practical.

iStorage diskAshur, 2000gb


A portable hard drive with built-in cable and 256-bit encryption means this this storage device is perfect for storing and transporting confidential information. In a world where government officials leave USB sticks on trains, none of us want to be the high-profile data gaffe.

iStorage diskAshur may not be the prettiest hard drive on the market, but it’s certainly the most uncompromising and robust, with access only available by an optional six-digit pin.  The inbuilt USB cable is a nifty little touch too, so you no longer have to fanny about with seperate cables.

But with data sensitivity the main focus here, this 128-bit, 2000gb piece of hardware is all you’ll need to store files or backup your PC, laptop or tablet.

Dali Kubik Speakers

£899 (for pair)

This is a sleekly designed and elegant speaker, which enables you to enjoy music from a wide range of sources and can be connected via Bluetooth, USB, optical or analogue inputs. The speaker’s casing is made from one piece of extruded aluminium, strengthening the product and giving it a solid feel. This ensures that all components can be fitted tightly onto the structure and removes the most annoying of speaker foibles – vibration.

The guys at Dali have struck oil with the Kubik Free, and have used their experience and knowledge to great effect. It’s another world-class piece of household tech to add to their collection.

Jamo S622

£179 (for pair)

The Jamo S622 provides a precise, accurate sound for such a small and unimposing speaker – like an iron fist in a velvet glove. Balancing its crispness is a soft dome tweeter unit, which adds a smoothness that makes the speaker good for long-term listening. The unit is ideal as a stereo speaker in a smaller room, or as a satellite speaker when connected to a higher model.

The design is pure Danish elegance. The compactness is also handy when it comes to space. Though not for music aficionados, these speakers are a confident release from a middle-of-the-road brand – and for the bargain price, they would sit happily in any casual listener’s living room.

Sennheiser HDR 170


These wireless headphones include a base unit that doubles as a transmitter and battery charger. This product is unlike any other wireless headphones – which is a compliment – and it certainly succeeds on sound. With just one analogue input, connectivity is limited, which might be a deal-breaker for some of you.

The idea behind these headphones is that you hook up the transmitter to your TV or AV receiver, and then run your sources – such as your Sky box or Blu-ray – through the TV or receiver. If that’s what you’re looking to do, the RS 170 should be at the top of your list of wireless headphones.

Above all though, this is a sexy piece of tech that will add the finishing touch to your music or computer setup.

Parrot Zik


Parrot recently claimed that these were the world’s most advanced wireless headphones. Whether that’s true or not, they’re certainly the trendiest, sculpted by French designer Philippe Starck. The headphones are first and foremost very comfortable, with ear cups lined with memory foam and an ergonomic headband.

The noise-cancelling function of the Parrot Zik headphones works tremendously well, achieving a decent amount of isolation. There’s also a decent level of dynamic reach, although when connected by wire, the sound had a touch more detail than without. But this wasn’t enough to put us off. This is a high-end set of headphones that aren’t exactly revolutionary, but have certainly raised the bar, especially when it comes to design.


Quiet, portable power for base camps, cabins and unexpected outages. The Yeti 400 Kit allows you to live life off the grid, camp in luxury, or power through an outage without the noise and fumes of traditional back-up generators. Itís your rugged, mini power plant.

The Yetiís AC inverter is like taking a wall socket with you anywhere. Power lights, CPAP machines, fridges and TVís in a truly portable package that can sustain you off-grid indefinitely when paired with the included Boulder 30 Solar Panel.

The Yeti 400 will charge from the Boulder 30 Solar Panel in 13 hours, or you can pair with any other compatible solar panel. You can also refuel your Yeti by the wall in 5 hours or vehicle in 13 hours as a lightweight, versatile dual battery alternative.

HP ENVY x360

Easily convert from a 33.8 cm (13.3 inch) notebook to stand to tent to tablet mode with this amazingly value-packed convertible PC, featuring a 360° hinge. With optimized touchscreen performance and BeatsAudio, all your productivity and entertainment needs are at your fingertips. 360° hinge for ultimate flexibility. Work in notebook mode, watch in stand mode, play in tent mode, go in tablet mode. This innovative convertible PC has the flexibility to keep up with all your needs. Tap, swipe, pinch. No matter which way you use your innovative convertible PC, the latest touchscreen technology makes the most of Windows 8.1in notebook, stand, tent, or tablet mode. With BeatsAudio and dual speakers optimized for use in any position, the HP Pavilion x360 is designed for the best-sounding, richest audio on a PC.


The DEFY G5 is comprised of lightweight carbon fiber tubes and high quality aluminum components. Uniquely incorporating a limited number of easy to adjust thumb screws into its design in place of hex bolts, users can field assemble and balance without tools in just minutes. Filming with the DEFY G5 is equally easy, allowing nearly anyone with little to no training to use. The DEFY G5 is scalable, meaning it can quickly adapt to various cameras and lenses during a shoot due to the ease of its field balancing.

The DEFY G5 features a full 3-axis control, three modes of operation: Slow Pan, Fast Pan, and Accessory Control.

Nicky Clarke NHD109

Nicky Clarke products continue to set the benchmark in hair care and styling. With one of the UK’s finest styling teams, all our products are salon-tested and designed to suit your individual hair type and styling needs. Nicky calls upon over 25 years of being at the top of his profession to deliver exciting, innovative, high-quality and professionally-proven products to help you get great results at home.

The Nicky Clarke 2000W Professional AC Dryer is perfect for creative styling with volume, but with maximum control and minimum frizz.

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