LG Smart 4K Ultra HD

I have been obsessed with all things mechanical, electronic and digital since I can remember. It’s a disease really. The humble simpleton might not need the extra horse power, pixels or wattage – but I do.

When the LG OLED TV arrived, I dispensed with the usually careful unpacking and tore into it like a 4-year-old at Christmas. Even with glasses I had to widen my retina to take in the massive 3840 x 2160 resolution screen.

I take my viewing pleasure very seriously, and so the amount of research that went into what new TV to buy personally went above and beyond the customary flick through the brochure. LG has relied heavily on the ground breaking OLED (organic light-emitting diode for those who are technically inclined) range over the past year, so I was keen to see why this award-winning tech was picking up so many consumer awards.
You might think, ‘Well, it’s a flat screen’. What more is there to understand, apart from size and clarity? It isn’t often that I am stopped in my tracks, mouth agape like a slack-jawed chimp, but my already-high-minded expectations were surpassed instantly. The vibrant room filling whites to blacks that genuinely made me check the TV was still on. It drew me in like a moth to a flame.

The LG OLED wasn’t replacing the living room TV though – this was for the new snug. Because this was mine. It begged to be pride-of-place, smack in the middle of the room with a sizeable piece of loafing furniture in front of it. It quickly became something to drag friends and family in to see to show off. Beware anyone popping around to see the family, you’ll very swiftly become the next victim.

This TV was made for a snug. No need to dress the room with chairs, pictures and ephemera; it filled the man cave amply. For me, the highlights were easily switching from console to console with 4 hdmi slots. The ability to dual screen, making it possible for me to keep an eye on the cricket whilst tucking into the latest first-person shooter. Also, the ability to use multiple HDR formats, the TV switches seamlessly from gaming to viewing. With a magic remote making it easy to switch platforms. There is even voice control, though I’ve never really felt comfortable using this. With two children more than happy to barrage in and take control of any room, silence is your best weapon in a family house. Not to mention the dedicated Netflix and Amazon buttons – so voice control can be left to those living the single live.

Now, it may sound like I am completely smitten with this machine, but there is one drawback: sound quality. Although it boasts being the first to combine Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision, the sound did not keep up with the picture quality I was getting. With such an engaging picture to pull you in, I felt it needed more immersive sound. Of course, team this model up with a great sound bar and you might well have one of the best viewing platforms I have seen this year.

LG OLED77W7V 77”
Smart 4K Ultra HD

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