Hublot Big Bang GMT Yohji Yamamoto

Yohji Yamamoto collaborates with Hublot for all-Black Big Bang GMT watch. The LVMH-owned watchmaker enlisted the one of a kind Japanese creative to develop a limited edition Big Bang model, yielding an appropriately blacked-out watch.

Yamamoto’s bespoke Big Bang GMT All Black is about as demure as it gets from the hands to strap, each detail is shaded in Yamamoto’s preferred colour scheme. Black on Black. The transparent face reveals the matching complication inside. You’ll find Yamamoto’s script logo emblazoned beneath Hublot’s branding on the smoked sapphire crystal. And how many are they making, just 50. Crafted from polished black ceramic on a black rubber strap, “The watch can easily display the time zones of the two cities where I’m based, Tokyo and Paris,’ says Yamamoto. “Moreover, the hours are invisible. As a person who isn’t always forthcoming, I find that highly amusing”.

The GMT feature means wearers can toggle between Tokyo and Paris timezones, at the push of a button. “The All Black limited edition we created together expresses a simple beauty through the fusion of Yohji Yamamoto’s black design signature and the complicated GMT manufacture movement,” says Richard Guadalupe, Hublot CEO.

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