Zubin Mowlavi

You have to get up pretty early in the morning to go toe to toe with me in terms of confidence. People believe that confidence is arrogance or cockiness (if your from my side of the pond). The reality is that my confidence always came from a sense of self-believe because to be brutally honest, having others believe in you is great but they wont be there when the deal needs to be signed or the invoice needs to chased. Zubin has the sort of self believe and awareness that we admire in a character here at The Review. Entrepreneur, musician and innovator. He is the founder of Lucid Fusion, a full-service digital agency, co-founder of LFPR, a full-service public relations firm, co-founder of myStorey, a social commerce startup, and Departure, an electronic dance band. We took some time out at 45 Park Lane to talk to Zubin about his opinions on how UK companies can break into the US market.


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