The Nadler, Soho

The Nadler’s facade is one of my favourites. It’s probably meant to look quite divine and heavenly – after all, it’s a statue of an angel – but it’s actually quite demonic: black with pins protruding from the face and body. Still, there’s a certain beauty about it, one that exudes class and otherness; something out of the ordinary.

This understated hotel is located just off Soho Square and strikes the perfect balance between form and function. There’s nothing superfluous here, just tasteful, clean design, a blend of business and pleasure. The colours are warm and elegant, which is exactly what you want from a hotel.

Check-in was one of the most pleasant I’ve had. One thing I can’t abide is starchy staff. At Nadler, there is a relaxed feel with real chatter and smiles, not the faux friendliness found in certain hotels nearby (no names). Aside from being amiable and effusive, one of the check-in team offered me a cupcake. Other hotels, take note: it’s the small things that count.

The superior room is perfect for couples. We had a nearby event and the hotel was ideal for supping back a few wines whilst getting ready for the night ahead. The bed is, above all, comfortable and grown-up. The minimalist design is tastefully arranged, with faux fur bed rug that totally brings the room together.

The bathroom is oil-slick black and debonair throughout. Plenty of space and toiletries provided, which is essential for fleeting visits such as ours. Most importantly, however, it was spotless.

There’s no on-site catering – but come on, you’re in central London, surrounded by some of the finest eateries and bars in Europe, so take full advantage of them. Food can also be ordered in – just speak to the specially-appointed hotel ambassadors, who will be happy to accommodate your requests.

If you want some suggestions, try the May Fair Bar for cocktails and Nobu for food. If you feel like dancing, Mahiki, where you can spot c-list celebs sliding round the dancefloor on each other’s vomit, is nearby.

The value here is exceptional. For the location, service and room, you feel like you should be paying at least £50 more. But the savings the hotel makes by not having a restaurant or bar are passed on to you. So take that £50 and put it towards a slap-up meal.

Perhaps not ideal for indulgent or long-term visits, but more-than-suitable for one or two night stays, the Nadler is undoubtedly the best you can get for your buck in Mayfair.

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