The Marloe Watch Company

Historically watch brands from Britannia have had trouble standing up to be counted. Even with our role as pioneers of the Industrial Revolution, we’ve never really been able to create a serial fabrication of pocket and wristwatches. I always found this rather strange considering our island nation has a long standing connection to watchmaking, John Arnold, Thomas Mudge, John Harrison, Thomas Tompion, and George Graham can all be regarded as having left their mark on horology. So it is always heartening to come into close quarters with a watch brand thats really rather bloody good.

The Marloe Watch Co is a new and independent designer and producer based in Oxfordshire and run by Oliver and Gordon. Having crossed paths in the spring of 2015, they created Marloe to reinvigorate the hand-wound watch space.

Taking their name from the town of Marlow, close to where Oliver grew up, the company’s values are strongly bound to tradition and design.

“As watches get smarter, and lives more complicated, there is a movement embracing the slow-living counter culture, going back to the simple things, celebrating tradition. So as the technology brands fight it out over who makes the smartest watch, Marloe is proudly going against the grain to create the most traditional of all watches – the hand-wound timepiece.”

By appointment:

T: 0118 940 1567


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