Andermatt Aerial


The first thing that struck me on the 90-minute journey from Zurich to Andermatt was the enduring beauty of Lake Lucerne. The temperature was twice that of England and so a quick dip in the mineral-rich lake would have been appreciated, had we not been eager to reach our alpine destination.

A beginners’ guide to Investment Migration

Words: Hugh Morshead, Group Director, Henley & Partners  The investment migration industry is growing at a faster rate than ever before. Each year, thousands of wealthy individuals apply for citizenship and residence in foreign countries, and by the end of 2017, there were over 30 active and successful programs in existence, with a total of 80 programs available worldwide. The range and breadth of programs  constantly expanding, with residence and citizenship options now available in most of the major world regions, including the Caribbean, North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Oceania, and even, most recently, Central Asia. Citizenship-by-investment has grown into a roughly USD 3 billion industry, while residence-by-investment – slightly more difficult to…

Ian Samuels

WHY NOW REPRESENTS THE BEST TIME EVER TO INVEST IN PROPERTY By Ian Samuels, founder of The Property Investor and author of Property Tycoon:  A Simple Seven-step Guide to Becoming a Property Millionaire Everyone knows that investing is the right path for those who want to grow their wealth. What many don’t appreciate, however, is that residential property represents the best form of long-term investment for those looking to increase their assets and set themselves up for early retirement. Better still, it is a much safer form of investment than stocks and shares. With all the bad publicity surrounding banks and investments, people simply don’t know where to invest anymore,…