Classic Cars

Aston Martin DB5

Financing a Classic Car

The types of car finance will vary depending on the car value, the lender and the model you’re wanting to finance. It’s therefore important to familiarise yourself with the different options available before deciding on the finance choice for you.

Know your Vintage

I like to think that we’ve all been there (in truth it’s probably just my very small warped mind that’s obsessed about this, but you’re reading it, so hey-ho). Allow me to set the scene: I was having a lovely evening in polite company and someone had brought an American with them. Either as a quaint distraction or through a genuine love of all things dumbed-down. Whilst said American was grappling with a receptacle that holds less than one (US) gallon of drink and was staring at knives and forks with confusion, I found myself feeling constantly uneasy at the next topic of conversation or misnomer to be blurted out…