Patrón a good vintage

After a tumultuous 2020, we’re more than happy to change things up over the festive season. Instead of providing your dinner guests with wine pairings, why not opt for top-shelf tequila. Patrón is made with 100% Weber Blue Agave which has always put it a cut above. It can be savoured like a fine vintage. So embark on your dining experience by serving Patrón Silver with the entrees in shot glasses to be sipped slowly. This young tequila goes well with acidic dishes or chilled seafood.

Continue with Patrón Reposado to accompany the main course. This overall smokey, 6-month oak-aged, light amber-tinted tequila with taste notes of fruit, citrus and honey, will elevate anything from the grill.

For pudding, it is time for the true sipping tequila: Patrón Anejo. Aged in oak barrels for over 12 months, this warm amber coloured tequila with taste notes of vanilla, raisin and honey has a caramel and smoky finish that goes perfectly with chocolate. Should you have enthused your dinner guests pallets so much that they are left wanting more, you can always stir up a suitable cocktail.

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