Passavant & Lee

Jon Passavant and Benj Lee are hardly strangers to the layer cake of the fashion industry. This duo have fronted campaigns for Dunhill, Armani, Ralph Lauren and Levi’s to name a mere handful. Whilst on set in New York the two models met having spotted each other at the usual castings and calls and after three years of product development launched accessories brand, Passavant & Lee.

Some years ago, we remember being huddled in the office around a No 25. Attache. It was arguable one of the most beautiful briefcases we had ever seen. The outer shell is crafted from aircraft grade aluminium and covered in a full-grain Horween leather finish, while the interior features high-density foam and fine suede.

When the 2017 Beaujolais Run was in the planning phase and The Review signed on as a brand partner, we knew exactly who to bring in the passenger seat so to speak.

Jon and Benj took no time designing a series of beautiful bespoke leather cases for the run’s patrons and guests that would carry the finest Beaujolais, wine and Champagn back from France in absolute style to its eager brand ambassadors. Three bespoke cases were made with utmost attention to detail and handed to the Beaujolais Run’s patrons across the world. Each issue we’ll be speaking to the Runs’ ambassadors and hand delivering their case. Our first instalment shows the cases in production in England and then being loading at the original Taittinger cellars in Reims courtesy of the Taittinger team.

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