Montre Ecole

To celebrate the Britishness of London Craft Week 2018, Laurent Ferrier has created the Galet Micro-Rotor “Montre Ecole” in British Racing Green.

When he was a boy, Laurent Ferrier was impressed by race cars not only for their performance but also for their design. He had a poster in his bedroom featuring the Triumph Spitfire racing in Le Mans. Laurent recalls: “To me, it was the most beautiful car ever. I wanted to drive itso badly! I was also completely devoted to its shapes and of course the color was striking.”

RECTO_fond blanc_preview

The idea of creating a Galet Micro-Rotor “Montre Ecole” British Racing Green became obvious to pay tribute to craftsmanship in the London Craft Week.

The dial is lacquered as cars used to be. The silver sub-dial is reminiscent of car rims. The leather strap is inspired by the bonnet straps that were very common in the 60’s. The railroad and the hourmarkers are a nod to the speedometer.

For this very special timepiece, Laurent Ferrier chooses the “School Piece” case because it offers a wider view on this exclusive dial. On the movement side, the traditional Côte de Genève motif complements the design.

VERSO_fond blanc_preview

The Galet Micro-Rotor “Montre Ecole” British Racing Green cultivates this distinction by featuring three exclusive characteristics:

  • A micro-rotor pawl-fitted automatic winding system fixed between the main plate and the micro-rotor bridge
  • A silicon escapement with double direct impulse on the balance
  • A silent block shock protection system for the micro-rotor

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