Jean Richard

Remember the chap who landed his stricken aircraft safely on the Hudson, becoming a US national hero and providing us with another YouTube video to stare wide-eyed at. He isn’t your everyday brand ambassador.

You have to wonder how the team at Jean Richard approached Captain Chesney Sullenberger. Gently, one would assume, and with no sudden movements. No doubt by now the media have circled and dispersed. Another interesting choice is James Blunt.

But Jean Richard are no-flash-in-the-pan, oh no. As the sister brand of Girad-Perregaux, they have worked hard over the past few years to really develop the brand and design. Jean Richard base their communication on four different pillars, which are the watchmaking tradition: the land, the water and the air. Respectively, their collections embody these pillars with the 1681, the Terrascope, the Aquascope and the Aeroscope. For each of these environments, Jean Richard is looking to tell the stories of people whose passions have driven their philosophies to do extraordinary things.

This issue we showcase a selection of the Jean Richard range from air, sea and land.

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