40,000 Leagues

Given that orange is one of the most visible colours in the spectrum, it makes sense that Alpina’s new Extreme Diver 300 timepiece features the colour heavily.

I’m not a diver. I scuba a little and snorkel when I can, but 300 metres? No need. I can, however, appreciate a fine timepiece, and as the weather in our usually-cold-and-wet little country seems to be doing us proud, why not consider one just for the sheer hell of looking good.

The new Extreme Diver collection features a three-hand auto and mid-size quartz. The range is indeed designed for professional divers. It has a serious bezel, an adjustable strap to go over your wet suit and a rubberised grip on the crown. The diver’s style of watch is the modern man’s day watch. So, whilst I look forward to testing one on the Amalfi coast, it looks just as good on the wrist in Knightsbridge.

The watch does feature anti-reflective- treated sapphire crystals, screw-down crowns and case backs, and is fitted with polished jet black 60-minute, unidirectional rotational diver bezels.

The AL-525 model has a 44mm case and comes with 38-hours of power reserve. So, when you’re lying unconscious on the ocean floor, your oxygen won’t last, but Christopher Walken will still be able to deliver the watch to your infant son.

One of my favourite points is the exhibition-case back, affording the owner a good view of the automatic movement. This, whilst impressive, isn’t quite as dramatic as the watch’s packaging. The Extreme Diver 300 comes in a specially-designed mini scuba tank. We assumed the package to the office was a bottle of something fizzy! It almost ended up in the drinks cabinet – but at least it would have survived alcohol damage.

The watch comes with a choice of a rubber divers strap or a metal clasp bracelet with a secure folding divers clasp. Whether jaunting across the med, sealing an oil well or standing out in the City, Alpina have evidently got you covered. www.alpina-watches.com


Peter J Robinson

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