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Markus Eder – Alpiner X Alive

Freeride World Tour champion, podium taker at Nine Knights and title holder of the European Skier of the Year, Markus Eder is, without doubt, one of the worlds most versatile freeskiers. Parks, streets, mountains and backcountry Eder has proven time and time again that he is a well-armed cross-discipline disciple.

40,000 Leagues

Given that orange is one of the most visible colours in the spectrum, it makes sense that Alpina’s new Extreme Diver 300 timepiece features the colour heavily. I’m not a diver. I scuba a little and snorkel when I can, but 300 metres? No need. I can, however, appreciate a fine timepiece, and as the weather in our usually-cold-and-wet little country seems to be doing us proud, why not consider one just for the sheer hell of looking good. The new Extreme Diver collection features a three-hand auto and mid-size quartz. The range is indeed designed for professional divers. It has a serious bezel, an adjustable strap to go over…