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Located in the square mile, Voltaire is housed in a Grade Two-listed building, styled by renowned interior designer Sue Wheldon. At one time, the vaults at Voltaire housed the vast wealth of the patrons to the bank above. Now, you are more likely to find a rich plume than doubloon in its hallowed walls. The vaults are mini-cavernous escapes adjacent to Voltaire, where you and your private party can retreat into the stone for an evening of private frivolity.

Here guests can enjoy handmade canapés, fine cigars from a variety of manufacturers and London’s most comprehensive selection of Pommery Champagne. The menu will comprise half bottles through to the nine litre Salmanazar and the classic Pommery Brut and vintage Cru.

Once housing the treasures of the former bank above, the old stone vaults have now been converted into a unique bar area: The Vaults at Voltaire. These feature private but spacious alcoves, decorated in silks and animal prints, where guests can kick back and relax, attended to by their own private waiter. Unlike anywhere else in the capital, The Vaults at Voltaire are destined to become one of London’s hottest and most exclusive celebrity haunts.

Adjacent to The Vaults is Voltaire’s impressive champagne bar, an equally seductive space inspired by the colours of caviar, champagne and cigars. The bathrooms feature raw silk and sinks filled with Chanel. Okay, the last part is an exaggeration, so let’s just say that it was built and designed with glamour and opulence in mind.

Bar manager and straight-talking nice guy Joel Lawrence has big plans for the venue and wants to bring cigar smoking back to bar culture. At the moment, one of the few places you can go to smoke your favourite gar inside is FOX’s of St James Street, surrounded by the old boys’ network, senior court judges and looking very similar to a front room. Oh, and no booze; none whatsoever, unless you decide, of course, to smuggle in a hip flask. If you’re a well-hardened alcoholic that has a tolerance of a Russian sailor, I doubt the average hip flask would contain enough to satisfy your appetite.

Voltaire is arguably the best place to take in a cigar and a glass of fizz. We expect many a private event and a stiff-upper-lip, after-work crowd to party till the small hours. Give it a year and it’s highly likely to see Cara Delevingne falling out of Voltaire arm-in-arm with Rhianna and Rita Ora in tow.

Phone: 020 7438 8059
Website: voltairebar.com
19 New Bridge Street,
City of London,

Mathew Hamilton Green. Videographer, writer, wry smiled smirker.

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