The Alicia Agneson Edition


The frost has thawed, the mercury rises, and the trees have done their yearly trick of becoming new. The awakening of spring has dynamised the efforts behind putting together this latest issue of The Review, seeing our core staff returning from locations both far and near, and striding homeward through the various stages of giddy grief that flow alongside the very best kind of hangovers – those which, amid the fog and mild palpitations, serve as a reminder that good times have been had.

First, a pondering. In the wake of the latest constellation of Michelin stars being handed out to those serving righteousness on plates, slates and slabs of granite, there was the usual murmuring throughout both the press and wider society, decrying the usual suspects of elitism and exclusivity. It led me to thinking – when did the word ‘elite’ become taboo amid certain swathes of the populous? When did we cease looking up to mastery, celebrating finesse borne of tradition and innovation, toasting the graft required to reach the top?

We’re living in unusual times, driven – perhaps not surprisingly – by the ever-widening chasms in the societies we share. The understandable craving for authenticity in the places we travel to, the clothing we wear, the dishes we eat and the experiences we indulge in has eroded the ability of some to enjoy sheer, unrivalled and uncurtailed excellence. However, to revel in life’s finer things and to seize upon opportunities for delight is not to punch downward. To respect talent and beauty, artisanship and escapism is not to sneer at the everyday.

At The Review, we seek out the pinnacles of achievement – in motoring, hospitality, fashion, food and beyond – not to exist in an ivory tower, but rather to rejoice in all life’s wonderment.

And what wonderment there is to behold. Against a backdrop of yet more change and even more staying the same – a coronation and a new era for England awaits, strikers are striking, the markets teeter and totter as we hold our breath – we’ve once again been diving headfirst into the locations, events and happenings that matter. Rising star of television epics and indie cinematic gems alike, Alicia Agneson, leads the charge. She’s injecting our pages and our lives with some much-needed glamour, paired with insights into a remarkable burgeoning career as actress, activist and all-round name to get familiarised with. Peter Robinson has been doing what he does best, lifting the lid on more coveted cars, bars and spectacular scenery. Our global travel editor, Sarah Morgan, basked in the majesty of Canada’s most paradisiacal bucket list contender, and we’ve got deep dives into a bold new era of healthcare in Istanbul. We’ve jetted off to Puerto Rico and Vietnam, San Francisco and Tuscany, and delved into homegrown institutions from Royal Ascot to Sloane Place.

I was fortunate enough to head to Ireland’s latest Michelin-busting restaurant, for an unquestionably elite encounter with excellence that started like The Menu but had a far, far happier ending. Our motoring editorial has maintained its unrivalled winning streak, thanks to explorations of arguably the greatest names the industry has to offer… and we’ve got fashion, viticulture, curated lists of unmissable products, financial, style and property covered, too. Surely you’d expect nothing less.

The best part? The year’s barely begun. Let’s make it an elite one packed to the gills with the best life has to offer – after the last few, we all surely deserve the indulgence.


Benjamin Norris

Lifestyle Editor, The Review



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