Luca Faloni

Though not always that exciting, the basics form the backbone of any wardrobe. Luca Faloni creates evergreen, classic-styled, Italian knitwear – from cashmere jumpers to linen shirts. The brand started in 2013, selling top-tier Italian fashion directly to the consumer. Before launching in the UK, the founder worked as a strategy consultant in London. But rather than buying clothes in the capital, he would wait to return home, where he says quality and value for money was better. Having moved to San Francisco, he met a raft of brands who were cutting out the middleman and selling directly to consumers online. It was 2012, after all.


Florean Smout

When she's not designing luxury travel itineraries for her exclusive clientele, you might find her relaxing at home in the Dutch Lowlands. In addition to pursuing her appetite for culinary and cultural experiences, a full-time job we're told, Florean splits her time between The Review's Travel and Style teams. As Assistant Global Travel Editor, Florean helps shape The Review's annual travel coverage.

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