The Fixer

London is a city like no other, according to LedburyResearch the increase in London in Centa-Millionaires is likely to rise by 44% this year. It isn’t all about Brazil and China. The total net worth of the elite Centa-Millionaires is around $39.9 Trillion.

London has always been a safe haven to the rich and powerful, with lax corporate tax law and a million fiscal personal loopholes. London has never seen so many transient affluent characters reaching the banks of the Thames. So your one of the 63’000 people worldwide with $100m or more in assets, wedged into some ungodly diamond encrusted wallet or gold plated purse. You’re in central London, you have money to burn but no where to turn. You need a fixer my son. Historically a fixer was a gent that worked for a law firm and was able to operate in the interests of its clients using underhand or illegal methods. But at the end of the day, if your sat in a pool of someone else’s blood, are you really that bothered about whether ‘the fixer’ uses fraudulent methods. No. Todays fixers are luckily not the rogues of old. Todays fixers are the men and women that simply, ‘make it happen’.

In the words of James Lionel Price, Mr Vaughn’s 2004 character from Layer Cake: “Details, details. Things to do. Things to get done. Don’t bother me with details, just tell me when they’re done.” And so back to my original point, time. The one commodity that you can’t literally trade in. Should i have enough Zero’s on my bank balance, i wouldn’t wish to que for the latest iPhone or shop around for a new Ferrari. I would just expect to awake to the sound of a 458 Italia outside my window, engine running with the new phone’s bluetooth connected and sat in the holder ready and waiting. I would need of course reservations for dinner at the Hotel Post in Zermatt and accommodation at the Heinz Julen Loft. That sounds like a lot of phone calls and or traipsing around. Even then, would i be able to get half of it. Let’s assume that the 458 is simple enough to acquire, but the phone? Let’s assume it has just been released and i would like to gloat over all and sundry. The Hotel reservation might be ok, IF, they have space. The Loft however is most definitely likely to be booked by Robbie Williams for his usual party. Then there are flights, Easy Jet is a thing of the past but how to find a private flight to Geneva or Zurich at short notice. How do you gain the competitive edge to get all this done without spending two weeks on the dog and bone chasing. The answer my pedigree chums, you need, a fixer. And not just any fixer, The London fixer. To be brutally honest, the city is littered with concierge style companies trying to offer a combination of luxury lifestyle services. Few manage to come close to providing a personal service. Sunseeker has one for instance, on the assumption that if you are buying a boat, you will need a slightly gregarious lackey to run around after you. Many try and knit together a circle of like minded partners to offer the appearance of a service but tend to fail to find harmony. However, don’t dismay, we of course, have a solution for


The Envy Group is a Mayfair based fixer. With plush offices on Berkeley Street, it is evident that business is good. Entrepreneur Alexander Martin is one of the Envy Group of Directors, discretion is key in this game, so don’t look for his picture over the page, you won’t find it. Alexander explains that the firm works on an introductory only basis preferring to utilise the benefit of recommendation from client to client. This ensures a specific type of client relationship is maintained. Envy are effectively a luxury management specialist, property investments or acquisitions, VIP and private events, super cars, yachts, jets, luxury goods. You name it, they can do it. They work similarly to a mini satellite Family office, looking after important family members whilst they are away from home.We aren’t just talking about a jack of all here either, the team know their stuff and with clientele like theirs, they have to. Alexander and the team prefer to acquire, ‘friends’ rathe than clients. They regularly lend their Rolls Royce Phantoms to friends, so it pays to keep a certain clique. The Envy group even arrange UK investor Visa programmes tailor made to their friends requirements.

When money is no object, people assume that the world is your oyster, that anything can be accomplished in the swipe of a Centurion card. The reality is a little different though. With so many wealthy individuals transcending on London, there is in-fighting. There are only so many tables at The Hospital Club and very few signature Aspinal pieces from their private collection to go around. So your fixer must be better than the rest. Having located some of the worlds most collectible and hidden cars makes them the London go-to guys. Whilst making sure their friends have access to all the newest and most wanted supercars before anyone else.We took the opportunity to put the Envy Group to the test. We gave them a short itinerary for central London and said, you can do the rest.

The Rolls Royce Phantom, (who says it’s too big for central), the suite at 11 Cadogan Gardens and tickets to the launch of London’s newest rooftop bar, Radio all came in a flash. Needless to say that the team understand their audience. For some it is a classic car or antique watch, some want a box at the O2 or to attend a premier, some want to meet their Rock and Roll hero, and for some, it is all about utilising the great team at Envy to give them back, time.


T: 0207 016 8883

Megan Gerlis

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