Chiara Thomas

Chiara Thomas

Thomas is a fashion journalist. She spends her time between London, Barcelona and Brussels, contributing articles for Cosmopolitan UK and Metropolitan Magazine Barcelona, as well as being style columnist to The 405 Magazine and current subeditor of Stylobal Magazine.

Brussels: The (Fashion) Capital of Europe

Brussels. Home to renowned Belgian chocolate, barrels of beer, and a little thing called European politics. With foreigners making up nearly 70% of its population, Brussels’ cultural and artistic diversity does not go unnoticed; the city embraces its status as a podium for innovative ideas with a heavy emphasis on individuality. With this in mind, Brussels’ fashion scene finds itself pulsing for recognition, ready to pounce on the international stage at any moment with a firm desire to cement itself upon the fashion map. Within this cultural cauldron is some material magic – and it’s been brewing a while. Words – Chiara Thomas Being the capital of the European Union, Brussels…

Bags at the ready

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman’s life is simply incomplete without that special someone on her arm, whether they be tall, small, square or round, dark or coloured, complex or simple, Christopher Kane or Saint Laurent. Yes, a woman’s handbag really is her biggest necessity, and above all, it has to have character. With this in mind, Chiara Thomas decided to look at a variety of this season’s best catches, catering to each individual taste and desire.  With these must-have suggestions, your spring is sorted. By Day Diane Von Furstenberg For flirtatious daytime glamour, look no further than this Diane Von Furstenberg Carolina lips clutch in lilac….