A new cruising division for the Wally Class

Rounding off the 20th anniversary of the Wally Class, it was announced the introduction of a cruising division for 2020 during the racing season’s finale in Saint Tropez. The concept is intended to encourage more Wally owners to join the ‘Club’ and enjoy the thrill of regatta racing in a more low-pressure setting.

“It has been exciting to see how passionate owners have been over the years, raising the bar higher and higher in terms of performance and competition. We feel the time has come, however, to return to a more Corinthian attitude to racing, which is the foundation upon which the Wally Class was created,” said Luca Bassani, President Wally Class.

“By introducing a cruising division, which will harmoniously sit alongside the existing competitive division at regattas throughout the calendar, we will provide a place for those owners who wish to pursue the pleasure of racing without the additional pressure. There will be limitations on the number of sails and crew permitted within this new division, and it will as usual be an owner-driver class. We feel that this is a milestone moment for our Wally Class and hope it will encourage a new wave of entrants keen to enjoy racing their yachts in a fun and relaxed environment,” he concluded.

According to Wally Managing Director Stefano de Vivo, the Wally Class is a source of great pride for the Ferretti Group, which acquired the brand earlier this year.

“Advances in sailing technology are a driving force for innovation in yachting as a whole,” adds de Vivo. “The Ferretti Group recognises that developments emerging from Wally’s sailing yacht R&D have the power to drive major improvements in technology for its other yachting brands. Ferretti Group will continue to support investment in Wally, and promote the importance of sailing innovation for the wider yachting community.”

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