Upper Street

Let’s face it, we are all self-confessed fashion gurus in our own right. We all know a pair of shoes to match every outfit is a necessity, in order to really stand out at any occasion. Imagine being given the opportunity to design your own unique pair of shoes. Gone are the days of frustration, trailing from shop to shop to find the exact desired shoe. Not the correct shade or colour; not the right heel height; ‘these would be lovely, if only they were completed to an entirely different specification’; not flowers but stripes. The list is endless. However, going home empty-handed and feeling deflated because the current fashion trends do not fulfill your needs is not ideal, especially when you have party dates.

My wonderful partner handed me nothing more than a 4-digit code and a web address: Upperstreet.com. Imagine my surprise when I learnt this site allows you to put the finishing touches on any outfit, with made-to-order shoes and the best bit – they are designed by you. I could tell by his smugness that he had chosen the perfect gift, and whilst I didn’t want to gush like a school girl, my huge smile ruined my poker face. A surge of excited energy overwhelmed me. So uncontrollable that heart palpitations began as my imagination went into overdrive. I couldn’t believe that, within minutes, I was out of the fantasy stage and was able to sit at my computer and physically piece together my dream shoe. Stage by stage, stitch by stitch, my perfectly elegant garment that had forever eluded my wishful grasp, until now. Upperstreet.com has made the whole process amazingly simple and easy to use. Press on the ‘start designing your shoes’ tab and away you go. Before you know it, within minutes, you have the style you want, whether it be ballet pump, pointed court, round toe court, platforms, peep toes – you get the idea. Every possible angle of the shoe has been considered. Step by step, you can choose the upper shape of your shoe, then the detail on the front, back and sides, with or without straps, adding and discarding ideas as you go. This is truly an opportunity to allow your indecision to flourish, ladies! Once your shoe is complete, the fun really begins, as you choose from the extensive array of colours and options: leather, suede, patent, snakeskin, metallic, animal, satin or bridal satin. The guys at Upperstreet.com really haven’t missed a trick, as there is literally something for everyone. Are you content with your choice of colour? Would you like embellishments? Voilà! Within minutes, you have the finished article on screen in front of you. After admiring your own faultless design skills and pondering on a new vocation as a shoe designer, simply add to your shopping basket and purchase. After you give Upperstreet.com your finished design, the customer service is second to none. You receive communication confirming your order will be sent straight to their workshop for the handmade process to begin. If you were not excited enough to receive your shoes in the standard 3-4 weeks delivery time, they ensure your excitement continues by sending a surprise email confirming your one-of-a-kind shoe is in production, and a breakdown of how your shoe is evolving, making your design a reality.  Then, that all important email: your beautiful shoes are on their way to you by courier. Not available at the given delivery time? Not a problem, simply text a suitable date to the courier and you will be amazed. Your beautiful shoes arrive exactly at the time and date you requested. Once the parcel is in your hands, a little nervous excitement overtakes you as you unwrap your new shoes, hoping they are as high spec in reality as they were onscreen. Once the bubble wrap is off, you are faced with a sophisticated black box, elegantly detailed with the stately Upperstreet.com logo, tastefully finished off with a vibrant pink ribbon. As the familiar palpitations you first had when given the prospect of creating your own unique shoes return, every step of the unwrapping process becomes more and more exciting. Finally the bow is untied and you are greeted with black tissue paper; it really is like Christmas and birthdays all wrapped up in one. With each removing layer, the ever-increasing nerves are present, waiting to see the finished product. At long last the wait is over. As intuitively presented on its suede bag as a tea cosy sits on a tea pot, the vision is now a reality.  What more could a woman want?  A hassle-free, high-end, top-quality finished product. Upperstreet.com, in its entirety, deliver an efficient service at every stage. What’s more, they even track your delivery, contacting you when you have received them to ensure you’re content.  Pure gold service; a cut above any I’ve experienced before in the field. They are, without fail, a team to recommend for that perfect gift. I’m sure you will agree, my partner earned 1000+ man points for this wonderful, imaginative gift and the best part of it all, his imagination when choosing the gift allowed mine the scope to do what any girl dreams of doing.  Shoes in hand (or on feet), I stand proud and can say I have the best shoes in the world, even if I do say so myself. They are absolutely unique.  A win-win situation: he’s happy, I’m certainly happy, and most importantly, my shoes are pretty.


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