La Plage du Martinez: A Culinary Gem by Jean Imbert

Located on the Promenade de la Croisette in the perennially chic city of Cannes, La Plage du Martinez effortlessly blends refined Mediterranean cuisine with the timeless elegance of the French Riviera. With its seductive setting and exceptional bayside location, this restaurant has long since established itself as a pristine destination for unforgettable dining experiences on the Cote d’Azur.

To amble along the cinematic coastline in this most revered corner of France is always going to present a plethora of exciting dining options, as well the expected tourist traps and restaurants relying more on the pulling power of their location than any particular culinary savoir-faire. So it was with a discerning and somewhat cynical eye I found myself, as I have done many times before, on the hunt for nourishment when strolling along the promenade in the mid-afternoon heat.

By a combination of luck and the aforementioned sense of discernment, La Plage du Martinez presented itself as the most tempting of candidates for a leisurely and opulent lunch. I was shown to my table, and – forkful by forkful – I found myself more than a little seduced by all that was presented.

That the food at this particular restaurant is spectacular should really come as no surprise; the chef of La Plage du Martinez is none other than Jean Imbert, an iconic figure in. With his passion for Mediterranean flavours, he offers dining encounters rich in taste, texture and colour. Each meticulously envisioned and plated dish highlights local and seasonal produce with a deft hand and an all-encompassing approach – one that celebrates the incredible ingredients grown, harvested, line-caught and butchered within an impressive small number of food miles from his door.

This isn’t the kind of restaurant that indulges in bare-bones rusticity, as is often the case in the latest crop of fine dining establishments across the channel, however. The razzle-dazzle inherent in dining in Cannes is present and correct at La Plage du Martinez, and diners are cosseted in a comfortable and well-designed space, immediately suggesting a good time will be had by all. The restaurant’s decor is a fine embodiment of French Riviera chic with a touch of cinematic glamour, and has a certain mahogany-clad maritime atmosphere reminiscent of the interiors of the most luxurious period yachts. So far, so Cannes.

The food and flavours begin as they mean to go on. The starters are light and refreshing, with options such as Pizzeta Fontina and herbs or the salad of fresh green beans and pistachio burrata. For the more indulgent – and indulgence is de rigueur along this particular stretch of sand – the Croque-Caviar with raw cream is a choice I would firmly recommend.

The main courses are refined and beautifully-crafted, featuring flourishes of classic Mediterranean gastronomy and the chef’s unique touch providing salvo after salvo of big-hitting flavour. Succulent lamb chops and rosemary potatoes, the much-loved Saint-Pierre and Dorade, or the lobster spaghetti with Khorasan flour to share with friends are all superb examples of what a clearly impassioned kitchen team do best.

Desserts at La Plage du Martinez are, as you might expect, a sumptuous delight for all the senses. A frozen tiramisu followed by a large platter of seasonal fruits was the order of the day, and provided the kind of refreshment befitting the rising temperature and irresistible call of more time spent on the sun-baked promenade.

The wine list is a curated anthology of the finest Mediterranean and international vintages, with an understandable emphasis on southern French vintners showcasing the most impressive vintages. The sommelier, with a discerning eye and a palate for perfection, is on-hand to ensure the harmony of flavors is preserved with each recommended pairing, and that each bottle unfurls its story alongside Imbert’s creations.

For those seeking reprieve from the Riviera sun, the private beach beckons, with loungers poised for relaxation and a cocktail menu that promises refreshment with every sip. It’s a discreet corner of an often overly bustling city, and a thoroughly pleasant place to while away the hours – stomach full, thirst quenched and imbued with a sense that all is well in the world.

La Plage du Martinez is not just a dining experience; it is a journey through the essence of the Mediterranean, served with a hefty side of French Riviera chic. It stands as a beacon of culinary artistry where every meal is an affair to remember, and a vibrant reminder as to why the magnetism of this coastline retains an allure like no other.


Tel: +33 4 93 90 12 34

Marvin Monekene

L’homme, le mythe, le Monekene. Marvin is a Development Producer covering the French Riviera and Paris working with a host of documentary and commercial clients. When he’s not on set, you’ll find him indulging in fast cars and fine food.

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