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The BLT – The Rules of Engagement

Ever since Adam utilised the proverbial fig leaf to protect his modesty, we have worn some form of clothing or another. Whether or not your vestments are designed to keep you warm, or indeed, if you are blessed with clement weather in your world, to keep the sun from scorching you, they are, or at least were, designed for the express purpose of protecting us from the elements. And, where sartoria is concerned, if you must wear a suit, or rather, if you prefer to wear a suit out of convenience, or indeed, necessity, tradition or simplicity, then there a few rules of engagement which will ensure that you are…

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The BLT: Power dressing

It is befitting, if you’ll pardon the pun, that I scribe this ode to power dressing from the uber-hip Hoxton Hotel, where I am surrounded by the stylish, the powerful, and the movers and shakers of my hometown. You see, when it was suggested to me that power dressing might be a good theme for this issue of The Review, I ironically thought it a dreadful idea, ostensibly because it conjures images of the gauche businessman of the 1980s in ill-fitting, chalk-striped suits – certainly for the majority of my peers anyway. But it conjures, for me, images of the greatest power-dresser of all time: Gordon Gekko, one of my…

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 The formidably styled and fiercely sartorial, Lord of the Trad clan, David Minns. This month, David visits Fox Brothers & Co. A friend recently introduced me to the new owners of Fox Brothers & Co., the last remaining cloth mill in the south west of England. Accepting an invitation to visit the showroom at their mill in Wellington, Somerset (given that I live just an hour away in Bristol), I was keen to learn more of Fox’s provenance. The mill itself is no longer in its original location, but driving through the country lanes en route, one can see the original Georgian red-brick buildings in the distance – and how majestic…

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BLT – Under Starters Orders

While I may not be a car fanatic, there’s certainly a car of choice: the Porsche 356 (C or A), of which there is a gleaming example spitting distance from the Brown in Town shop in the Bonhams marquee at this year’s Goodwood Revival – a car I wholeheartedly intend procuring when the time is right. But that time is not now. For the uninitiated, the Goodwood Revival is a nostalgic celebration of all things pre-1966, when the circuit was reopened, following its closure in the wake of Stirling Moss’s near-fatal crash in 1962. Of course, given that we have recently become parents of our second child, I fully appreciate…

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Kasbah Tamadot

Located at the foothills of Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains, Kasbah Tamadot, Sir Richard Branson’s luxury retreat and part of the Virgin Limited Edition portfolio, is offering guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in true Berber culture with a newly launched ‘Authentically Berber Experience’. Morocco’s Berber communities are renowned for their kind and noble nature and their culture forms an incredibly important part of Morocco’s rich history. At Kasbah Tamadot, guests are already welcomed with true Berber hospitality as 98% of its staff are from the local Berber communities. Guests now staying at Kasbah Tamadot will have the opportunity to learn about the traditions and culture by immersing themselves in a…

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Victor, the world’s first marketplace for empty leg private jet travel, is partnering with Shangri-La Paris to offer the ultimate luxury experience this Christmas season. Travel by private jet from London to Le Bourget – straight into the heart of Paris avoiding airport queues and hassle. Based on a two-night minimum stay, the Ultimate Noël en Famille Christmas package is designed to make the most of a holiday spent in Paris.

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